Friday, August 10, 2012

Me myself and what I saw…

Howdee all,

Jeff was in Connecticut. It was a beautiful morning for a walk..

So off I went.


A guard rail full of Queen Anne's Lace.

Lexington walk_006

Looks like a window box.

Lexington walk_004

Seed head of Queen Ann's Lace.

I love luscious and pinky..

Lexington walk_014

Dragonfly of some variety that I should know..but I don’t….YET

Lexington walk_016

It was lovely and shady under the trees..much cooler than that sunny area.

Lexington walk_020

But the sunny area was full of activity..

Lexington walk_019 - Copy

A White-breasted nuthatch at the edge of the woodlands

Lexington walk_028

The field grasses were glowing..

Lexington walk_031

A song sparrow greets me… maybe it wasn’t greeting me, but it did ask me about the weather..

Lexington walk_040

A lady bug checks out the edible foliage..

ok, maybe its not looking for edible foliage..maybe its just going for a walk…I don’t know…I just write this stuff..

Lexington walk_043

Look at this purdy vine has lovely spikes of white flowers and leaves that look like maple leaves..

Lexington walk_045I liked the curly tendrils..all different..

Lexington walk_052

I left the field and into the woodlands again..

Lexington walk_053

A Mallard family mucks about in the tiny stream..

Yeah… I don’t know if is a family..maybe they are related or maybe they just met~ ….once and a while I make up what I think could be happening.. Its my blog and that’s what I do..hee hee

Lexington walk_055

Oh lookie here…I watched this fella and took a gazillion photos..

I could not for the life of me capture the brilliant metallic green..It looks blue here.

More photos of this later. (I did not make up what color it was)

Lexington walk_117

I continued the end of the path…this Mallard is the last critter I saw before my walk took me out of the woods and into Lexington Center..

Its sniffing its tail feathers…Really!  Smile

Lexington walk_125

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  1. Thanks for taking me on this nice walk and telling me stories about what we saw, whether they're true or not. You crack me up at a time I need cracking up.


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