Sunday, August 26, 2012

Theres a fly on my pants~

Howdee all,

No not the zipper kind of fly, I don’t have a zipper on my PJs anyway.

Just A Fly.

cape visit_046

It kept me company for a few minutes..

cape visit_048We chatted a bit…

cape visit_045

About the ratty looking Male Cardinal feeding its young son..

cape visit_052_thumbAbout the piglet chipmunk living under the deck

cape visit_038

We chatted about last nights sunset…

cape visit_005And the view from its favorite hydrangea tree…

cape visit_028

We talked about Samarrah and her Jeff's upcoming wedding..

cape visit_034

Then it wished me well and went on its way…

cape visit_043

It declined the wedding invitation…

I was a bit happy about that. Smile

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