Sunday, May 06, 2012

The Biggest Week~not just birds

Howdee all,

I am as happy as this smiling Snapping turtle to be here at 

The Biggest Week in American Birding


Biggest Week_003I feel like hooting..

Biggest Week_007There are birds a plenty for everyone here..

Like this Lovely Prothonatary Warbler..

Biggest Week_020

Biggest Week_032


Biggest Week_036

Biggest Week_039Snakes..

Biggest Week_067And plenty of birders…

If you don’t like crowds please don’t let this scene discourage you..there are soo many places on the boardwalk and other areas to bird where you will find solitude.

Biggest Week_061

Birding Metzger

Biggest Week_041Shorebirds!

Biggest Week_044

Shorebird tour at Ottawa NWR

Biggest Week_070

There ARE shorebirds out there..even though my camera wont reach them.

Biggest Week_075When prepared for any type of weather..

A storm approaching..

Biggest Week_079Hope to see you at The Biggest Week

Please stop me and say hello!

Biggest Week_081

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