Saturday, May 26, 2012

Catbird at my dining window

Howdee all,

No~I haven't lost my head..this is not a Catbird. This sweet little Chipping Sparrow is just one of the birds checking out their reflection in our windows.

Birds at window_069This Catbird is now a regular visitor..

Birds at window_060Hanging out..trying to figure out what this reflection or bird is all about.

Birds at window_062

It stares at the window and sometimes flies into it fighting with its reflection.

Birds at window_063Its only a few feet away from my dining window.

Birds at window_073Our Homey is parked in Mom and Dads driveway….Muther says she cant see her purdy Rhododendrons now…Homey is blocking her view.

We have great views…Thanks Muther ~come visit and look out my dining room window.

catbird_007You will find a few of your birds here too.



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