Thursday, May 03, 2012

Biggest week morning

Howdee all,

Here we are.. Early morning
Magee Marsh

Jeff and I are Birding this morning with fellow bloggers Chris West and Gunnar Engblom

A beautiful start to our day

We are extremely excited to be here birding and meeting up with fellow bloggers and birder friends.

I will be posting mainly with my blogger plus app via my iPod while here.

Morning on the boardwalk. Amazing morning 20 warbler species so far. With Chris leading us I am sure we will see many more.

Jeff with Chris West, Marsha Fulton, Gunnar Engblom, Jerry Jourdon.


  1. Hi Dawn and Jeff, what a beautiful start to the Biggest Week. I will see you soon. I am a short ride around Lake Erie from you. Hello to the gang. The photos are spectacular.

  2. Just discovered your blog ~ how simply marvelous ! Thank u for posting ~ lovely ~ I love birds & am envy u being healthy enough to travel! Super blessings to you & your husband!


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