Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bird sex and cocktails

Howdee all,

Our last night in Ohio we were invited for cocktails and dinner at friends Hugh and Judy's home.

Hugh and Judy have a lovely garden and pond.

I thought my Sickstas would enjoy these photos and maybe Craigy might get a few ideas on how to make a waterfall.


The waterfall

lastdaybiggest_148A rock that water flows from..


A water spouting critter


Just one of the cool pieces of garden art


Hugh and Judy have nest boxes and feeders all over their property..

What a great home for birds!


No I didn’t forget about the title of my post ..and it wasn’t just a catchy title to get you here..

We really did have Cocktails..


And while we did we did have quite the show..

lastdaybiggest_152Ms. Tree Swallow waits for more..

He came back another six or seven times

I lost count..you would think they would take the whole thing indoors..

lastdaybiggest_153After dinner we took a walk around the park

Spotted Sandpiper all spotty..

lastdaybiggest_165Greylag Goose with Canada Goose

lastdaybiggest_170Wow..I think they adopted a few

  geese 'creches' - where the offspring of different parents get mixed up - are fairly common

Check out this article to see a pair with 40 goslings~~Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1280370/Canada-geese-left-charge-40-goslings.html#ixzz1uwtY89vE


lastdaybiggest_173Kildeer…It was acting as though there might be a nest nearby.

lastdaybiggest_175I just thought this looked cool…

Judy said this is part of an old trailer.

lastdaybiggest_176Thanks Hugh and Judy for a lovely evening.


Thanks Hugh and Judy for your warm hospitality!

Until we meet again.

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