Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Her Garden.…

Howdee all,


Jeff and I are now headed north to Ohio for

The Biggest Week in American Birding

We had a wonderful month at Sickstas and Craigys.


Sickstas wonderful garden bloomed around us..


Encircling us with fragrance and beauty..


I found this poem and it reminded me of Sicksta and how she likes to roam around her garden and check on her plants..

I don’t know who wrote the poem I found it on this website.


  Make time for the garden

You have to make time
in your garden,
not only for working
but just to see.
Not only for planting or harvesting
or weeding,



but to smell the freesias,
to look at the new rose leaves
admire the new growth thrusting out
in strong red leaves,



to see the white columbine
blooming behind the flowering quince,
the lavender ageratum at the base of the snapdragons,
the grape leaves bursting from the seams
of last year's vines,


pink tulips about to open inside green sheathes,
and most amazing of all
the purple orchid sprays in that pot
you thought was dead and dry.



You have to walk through the garden
and say hello to each newly leafing tree,
caress the buds,




Birds and flowers_011

and try to see it whole,
your garden,
or as much as you can-


how different greens complement each other,
set off the yellows and flame into reds,


how daffodils and star magnolias
turn dried brown leaves
into background for their spring painting.


sickstas_017 (1)


So don't go into you garden
looking for weeds,
which will only make you bend down
and miss the point.


sickstas_027 (1)

Sicksta doing her evening garden walk

sickstas_030 (1)

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