Wednesday, May 30, 2012

iPad playing

Howdee all,

A week ago I finally caved and got my first iPad.
I didn't think with an iPod touch and a laptop computer that it was something I really "needed".
I was excited about getting the iPad but once I had it I could see it was just a larger version of my iPod touch. It took me a while to warm up to it.
I am warming up and find that it is the device I pick up most often when at home.
I don't take it along with me when I leave Homey to shop or go for a walk..I have my ipod touch for that.
I find, unless I need my computer to lookup passwords or do a blog post..I use the iPad.
So here is my first iPad blog post...I have blogged using my iPod touch in the past.
I am using a few photos I have here on my iPad. I haven't yet purchased the SD card reader so that I can transfer photos from my camera.
Here is a screen shot I took of my birding and nature apps.

What apps do you have? Any suggestions?
Below is a photo I took with my iPad.

This a panorama I took with my DMD app.
I am not sure how it will come up just uploading via this blogging app.
Below is a link and a photo..not sure how either will look once uploaded.
So here goes.

Here is the link for my panorama, i don't know how to embed it with this blogging app.
Still working on getting that right too..things just didn't match up.

I am adding this panorama embed with Windows Live Writer..couldn’t find how to do it via Blogger+

Do you have an iPad?
Do you blog with it?
What apps do you like?

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