Thursday, December 29, 2011

A peek into our ~Christmas in Connecticut~

Howdee all,

Christmas Day 2011

We used to have our Christmas get togethers at Mom and Dads..

Last year, Sicksta Lori and hubby Attillio started to host the family gathering


Here are a few photo highlights from our day………

~Christmas gathering at the Diloretos~

Afternoon potluck meal held in the three car garage and Attillio’s guy pad.

imageThe dessert hit of the day made by Nidya.

Carrot cake


Adele, Lori, Tammy and Me..

We are missing just one Sicksta..who didn’t make it here this year…Charlene from Montana.

imageMom and Dell, Tink and me..

imageBrother John with Dad and Jeff C.

imageOur devil of a host…Atillio

imageCoin head Colin with Piero, Ati and John

imageUpstairs for the Yankee swap..

imageSicksta Tink wants them all!


Daughter Samarrah and Jeff C.

imageJulia gets her first phone…She was extremely excited and teary.


Evening Bonfire

imageOnly niece Tara can pull off this plaid PJ and coat attire with glam style.


Jeff and his aperitif of Grappa~Jeff and Sicksta Dell say no sipping…just let it hit your lips to taste.


It was a wonderful day that passed much to quickly…

We ate too much, laughed allot..

PS~I didn’t take any of these photos..I stole them from my Sickstas and niece Tara..ssshhhhhh don’t tell.


  1. What a festive day for you all ~ LOVED the photos
    Happy New Year

  2. thanks for sharing a bit of your Christmas. Everyone looked so happy...made me smile.

    have a great New Year...hope to see you in Florida when you are down.


  3. Yes, great time...too short! We can keep in touch and see what you see with FaceTime....yeah FaceTime!

  4. Hi Dawn, It looks lke everyone was having fun! Thanks for the peek! I wish you and your family a very Happy New Year!

  5. Merry Christmas indeed!
    You have a wonderful all your Sickstas....
    Happy New Year.
    Yeah for 2012..year of the Water Dragon
    Safe travels.

  6. This is a wonderful family Christmas gathering.

    Hope to see you at the Cyber Masquerade Ball.

  7. Your family, Dawn,such a good looking crowd!! Mentioning grappa... reminds me of a trip to Italy years ago - I wouldn't mind trying that again, just to prove that I can still get it down without coughing and sputtering. A happy and productive New Year to you and your family!

  8. What a wonderful story board! Such happiness. :)

  9. Howdee all!
    Thanks for taking a peek into our Family Christmas this year! We had a super time!
    I hope you all did too!

  10. great photos of you and the family. Christmas in Connecticut - can it get any better?


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