Tuesday, August 24, 2010

BwBTC Birding Charlestown, RI

Howdee all,

There's still time to join us for a fun filled day of Birding…just comment below or send me an email to Nobbiecat@gmail.com

BWBTC Birders who Blog, Tweet and Chirp Charlestown, RI

Come Bird with us, let's bird, let's bird away
If you can use some exotic Birds
There's a bird in Charlestown Bay
Come Bird with us, let's bird, let's bird away

BwBTC Charlestown, Rhode Island~Saturday August 28th.

Click on the map below to see details of the meeting area.

View Charlestown Breachway BwBTC in a larger map

Meet at the Flip Flops restaurant parking lot, 1 Charlestown

Beach Rd.

I thought we should be ready to go at 8am sharp.

Let me know if the time doesn't work for you..or if you prefer to start earlier..majority rules here…If I don't hear from any of you we will be ready to rock and roll at 8am.

You can arrive a bit earlier and grab a coffee and breakfast treat at The Bakery across the street from Flip Flops…I checked it out.they open at 5:30 for early birds...they have nice Organic coffee and awesome looking pastries and muffins. Click on the link above to see a sample of what might be there.

We will start the morning by Birding the Breachway. We will carpool from Flip Flops parking lot. Parking at the Breachway is 14 dollars a car.

Expect to get wet knee deep..I spoke to a local birder/photographer..all gear can be carried safely above the waist. If you are worried about your gear bring waterproof bags.

Wear water shoes…and bring a change of clothes,just in case.

There are restrooms in the campsite area that we can use to change in.

Click the Map below to read about the Breachway and the Birds we may see there.


After the breachway, we can stop for lunch at The Corner Deli, which is next to The Bakery.

Then onto birding Trustom Pond NWR

View Trustom Pond in a larger map


After Trustom, if time, we can bird other places in the area.

We plan on having dinner at Flip Flops, around 7:30 or so….Check out the link to look at the menu.

If you want to join us for dinner,let me know. I need to make reservations, if we have a large group.

Also let me know what time you prefer for dinner.

The menu looks good…Jeff and I had dinner there a few weeks ago and had a nice meal…though, portions are on the small side.


That's all for now…If anyone has anything to add you can comment below or email me at



Some links

Birding on the net..area birds being seen.

Bird Checklist you might want to print this out.

RI Birding link


  Cast of Characters 

Jeff and Dawn @DawnFine on twitter/Dawns Bloggy Blog

Christopher @Picusblog on twitter/ Picus Blog

Dan @Docforestal on twitter/ Nature Observances by Forestal

Larry from the Brownstone Birding blog

Cindy Cage from Living in Brooklyn and Longing for Maine

Cathleen Ellis from Birdingirl blog

John(Tucker)  from The Birdman of Bridgewater

and his sister who knows the area well.

Lowie @lakras on twitter/ A Worn Field Guide

Susan from The Nature of Framingham and Cathleen's cousin

Cindy @gemswinc on twitter


  1. :( Work has an iron grip on me and I can't escape to Charlestown, RI.
    Have fun everyone.

  2. I would love to join you but it's just too far!

  3. @Andy- you will be missed! Two years in a row? There's always next year...

    @Dawn- thank you for organizing this trip! And for sharing such helpful information in this post. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone Saturday :)

  4. Looks like I'll have to miss this one.

    Crossing the mudflats on the incoming tide might be a problem for me anyway -- I'm only 5 feet tall and the high tide is pretty close to 3 feet so I'd want to dash back way sooner than other folks.

    BTW, there's some chance that Hurricane Danielle may generate some large swells starting tomorrow. You may want to triple check local conditions and rip current warnings.

  5. have fun everyone! hope you have better weather than we have over here in Switzerland.

  6. Sorry I won't be making it on this adventure. Just didn't work out! Hopefully another time!


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