Friday, August 13, 2010

Checking out the area for the BwBTC ..JOIN US

Howdee all,

Just a quick hello..been busy getting a garden ready for Nephews wedding celebration tomorrow.

I have been squeezing in my blog reading with my Byline app on the Itouch..It downloads the blogs while onlinw. When offline, I can read all my fav blogs, in between the busy times of the day. The only issue is that I cant comment…Oh well..hopefully someday they can link it to the comment section of blogs.


I wanted to confirm the location for the BwBTC outing..

We decided to still bird the Charleston Breachway.

Birders do the breachway everyday. The water could be waist deep…Bring a change of clothes. I was told by a local birder/photgrapher that he holds his gear above his waist. He says we must do the breachway. Put your gear in Waterproof bags if you are concerned.

Unless I get alot of objections to doing it..we will go..If the majority wishes not to do the Breachway to the flats we will concentrate on other places in the area.

I will have more info as far as meeting time and place, what to bring etc…Stay tuned.


Jeff and I checked out Trustom Pond NWR we think this will be a great place to bird before or after the Breachway.

Freshwater pondsCharlestown ri_001

Charlestown ri_008

   Grassy areas..Charlestown ri_003

Charlestown ri_004

           And a few Birds..

we really enjoyed birding there.

Charlestown ri_015

     If we have time we will go to

Ninigret NWR/East Beach 

Ninigret can be very buggy in places ..bring lots of bug spray.Charlestown ri_018

Cast of Characters thus far

Jeff and Dawn @DawnFine on twitter/Dawns Bloggy Blog

Christopher @Picusblog on twitter/ Picus Blog

Dan @Docforestal on twitter/ Nature Observances by Forestal

Larry from the Brownstone Birding blog

Cindy Cage from Living in Brooklyn and Longing for Maine

Cathleen Ellis from Birdingirl blog

John(Tucker) from The Birdman of Bridgewater

Lowie @lakras on twitter/ A Worn Field Guide

Susan from The Nature of Framingham

Cindy @gemswinc on twitter


Chris from Tails of Birding

Catherine @birdspot / Birdspot blog

Andrew @birdingdude / Birding Dude blog

John @Mainebirder/ Birding in Maine

Luke from Under Clear Skies

Janet @hammerchick on twitter and Plover Warden Diaries


If you want to join us ..just comment in the area below of shoot me an email


  1. Sounds very wish I could be there. Have a great time. FAB.

  2. I've never been there before-looks interesting.--I'll see you on the 28th.

  3. These places all look great for birding. Sounds like everyone will have a great time. Good Birding!

  4. You had me sold, but it's always something when I try to take a break. We just had a major issue with our car. $2000 later, we are rethinking our trip to join you all. Sorry we will miss it this year, but hopefully we can join in on the fun and camaraderie the next time there is a BwBTC outing in New England.

    Have fun folks!

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  6. Thanks Friends..
    Hope to meet u all someday.
    Looking forward to a few new faces this Saturday.
    Happy Birding!


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