Thursday, August 19, 2010

Face Plates and Esther's 90th Birthday dinner

Howdee all,

For the past few years when on the cape we go out to dinner at Pisces to celebrate Jeff's moms birthday.

This year we celebrated her 90th birthday.

After dinner it is our tradition to play with our food…and create…

Face Plates

Please Help choose a winner….

Plate 1Esthers bday dinner_018

Plate 2Esthers bday dinner_016

Plate 3

Esthers bday dinner_031 Plate 4Esthers bday dinner_028Plate 5Esthers bday dinner_043Plate 6Esthers bday dinner_055 Plate 7Esthers bday dinner_045 Plate 8 Esthers bday dinner_039 Plate 9Esthers bday dinner_021Another diner got in on the act..

plate 10Esthers bday dinner_056Jeff brought along his cheating plate…Esthers bday dinner_035 Esther 90 years youngEsthers bday dinner_054The artists Esthers bday dinner_005


Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

You guys must be a blast to dine with!

I like number four.

Tink said...

Looks like another fun birthday.. I love all the creative plates but my favorite was number 4.

Larry said...

That's so funny with the food faces on the plates!I like plate 7-kind of reminds me of Japanese art or something.Jeff's mom looks like she could be much younger than 90.

A New England Life said...

I remember when you did this last year. So funny!

I'm going with plate #9!

NESASK said...

Great fun with food. I choose plate #4. I believe it bears a passing resemblance to @Bosque_Bill ;)

Annette B said...

I like number 6. Didn't you do the face plates before? I remember. They are so much fun. thanks for sharing them with us.

Kerri said...

Happy Birthday to Esther! WOW she looks WONDERFUL!!! Best wishes for many more birthdays to come!

I LOVE all of the plates - but plate 2 is my fave!

Donna M. Simonetti said...

Plate One. How fun & Happy B-day to Jeff's Mom.

Anonymous said...

plate 8 wins hands down.
the eyes are so cool.

Julie G. said...

Family food fun! You are quite the creative bunch. So hard to choose ... I pick plate 2.

Cheryl said...

They are all so creative, I love it. ......I'm voting for Plate 4.
Happy Belated 90th Esther. xox

Felicia said...

Hey, didn't your mom tell you not to play with your food?? (Or maybe she was probably not!) I'm voting for Plate #1!

dAwN said...

# oceanshaman

.@cathyross @BeverlyEverson @DawnFine>I voted for Plate4 -liked use of plate n plate,chicken bones,gr8 eye expression! 6:31 PM Aug 20th via web

# Cathy Ross cathyross

LOL~I voted for #2 too Beverly ~ RT @DawnFine: @BeverlyEverson hee hee..thanks for voting for a face plate! 6:18 PM Aug 20th via TweetDeck

# BeverlyEverson BeverlyEverson

Too cute!!! I vote for #2!! RT @DawnFine Dawns bloggy blog: Face Plates and Esther's 90th Birthday dinner 6:02 PM Aug 20th via
# Cathy Ross cathyross

Fabulous!! I like #2 :) RT @DawnFine Dawns bloggy blog: Face Plates and Esther's 90th Birthday dinner

Andy said...

Plate 3 is my choice.
Send my compliments to all the artists.

YsMum said...

For me it's a toss up between plate #2 and #3 but since #3 only involves food and not utensils, I vote #3

Looks like a fun time was had by all and if I look half as good at 90, I'll be thrilled.

dAwN said...

The tally so far
plate 1= 2
Plate 2= 4
plate 3= 3
plate 4= 4
plate 5
plate 6= 1
plate 7= 1
plate 8= 1
plate 9= 1

So far a tie number 2 and 4

Voting still open ..until Sat 28th

Thanks everyone for voting!!

diane-j-m said...

I know I am a little late, but I like plate 4

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