Friday, August 27, 2010

Attention BwBTC attendees (UPDATE)

Howdee all,

Just a few quick adds to tomorrows meet up.

Jeff and I went to the Breachway today to check out the crossing and see what birdies are around.

charlestown breachway_019

First of all The Meeting place is still in the parking lot of Flip Flops

The address is not 1 Charlestown Breachway road it is 1 Charlestown Beach Road.

If you are using GPS you can put the intersection of Charlestown Beach Road and Matunuck Schoolhouse Road.

charlestown breachway_008

Jeff and I did the crossing with no issues today….we also left the breachway after 12pm with no issues.

We met other birders who do the crossing all the time..they never check tides as they feel it is not an issue.

If some of our group do not want to do the crossing you can also see many birds from the area right before the crossing.

We both were wet to about our waist in the afternoon crossing. So best not to have anything in pockets..I had a gear bag and Jeff had a back pack and scope. We lifted our gear above our waists and crossed.

No swift currents. The water was beautiful. Not too muddy..mostly sandy bottom.

Some mosquitoes in the AM…bring bug spray. We had no bug spray and we were fine..just a few bites.

We both wore long quick dry pants. The other birders we met had quick dry shorts or bathing shorts.

I suggest a change of shorts for later in the day..and of course don't forget your water shoes.

We saw Bairds, White rumped, Semi-palmated and Least Sandpipers.

Piping,Semi-palmated and Black Bellied plovers.

Willets, Greater and Lesser Yellowlegs.

Green, Great-blue Herons

Great and Snowy Egrets

Black Backed, Laughing and Herring Gulls

Common Terns

Peregrine falcon, Coopers Hawk, Osprey

and more..

The peeps let us get very close.


Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow.

Jeff and I will arrive around 7:30 for coffee and muffin at the Bakery across the street from Flip Flops.


If anyone is joining us for dinner..Flip Flops is a BYOB establishment.

So don't forget your favorite bottle!

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  1. You guys are great explorers! I hope you are enjoying the weather. May the stimulus of life enhance your Beingness Always.


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