Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sunday Sunflowers

Howdee all,

This past week we celebrated Jeff's Moms 90th birthday. She wanted to go to Heritage gardens in Sandwich, Ma.

While there I took these sunflower photos.

Bees love sunflowers…

Heritage gardens_056

 Heritage gardens_058      Beautiful sunflower just opening..Heritage gardens_067Heritage gardens_066This sunflower below reminded me of a I decided to try it on..

I checked first for bees..Heritage gardens_064 Does anyone know if these are Sunflower bees? I didn't think the wings were narrow enough to be sunflower bees.  Heritage gardens_053

Copy (1) of Heritage gardens_068 - Copy

Happy Sunny Sunflower Sunday to you all!


  1. The bees look like Common Eastern Bumble Bees to me. The hairiness of the abdomen and the light-colored first abdominal segment are good field marks for that species. I don't see anything in Diadasia or Svastra (the two sunflower bee genera) that matches your bees.

  2. You're so silly, Dawn! Glad you checked for bee's first!

    Love the pink sunflowers. So pretty! We used to grow huge sunflowers but haven't done so for many years now. They sure are neat to watch! The seeds always seemed to have worms in them. Yuk.

  3. These are awesome. Really like the collages, and your fancy hat. Nice place to celebrate living 90 years.

  4. love the images and the hat :)

  5. I LOVE sunflowers! Love the hat!!

  6. Love the sunflower photos, great shot of you and the sunflower hat.

  7. FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Looks like a great place for bees :-)
    Love the sunflower shots and the hat is very becoming.

  9. What a nice birthday present for a 90 year old. The bumble bees seem to be everywhere this summer. I notice they pollinate more different types of flowers than other wild bees and the honey bees.

  10. Sunflowers just make me smile. Great pictures!

  11. Wow! What a fabulous series of photos. You have captured the various layers beautifully. Love the bees. Great set!

  12. Birthday wishes to Jeff's mom! Beautiful sunflower photos Dawn!

    I cut the heads off of our sunflowers and hang them in the shed to dry. During the winter months, I will hang one or two heads on a feeding station and the birds love picking out the sunflower seeds.

  13. Hi Dawn!
    First, happy birthday to Jeff's mom. She achieved a major milestone.
    Well, you know sunflowers have a special place in my heart thanks to you.
    Beautiful pics and I like the red ones too.
    Keep on clickin'.
    Good tidings from the other coast.

  14. Went to Boston area two years ago and went to Sandwich. Found the best antique place there!!! Beautiful Sunflowers!

  15. John,
    Thanks..You are always a wealth of information..and so kind to share your knowledge..It is appreciated by me and by all of those in the Bird/nature community. Thanks!

    A New England Life
    Howdee Sharon..Yuck..guess I should have checked for worms before I put my head underneath that.

    Thanks.. Glad you like my flowery hat!

    I am growing a few at my parents house..they arent the giant variety..but I am hoping to dry them. Birdie magnets!

    I am happy that Sunflowers are special to you now.:) Thanks for the compliment on the photos!
    Hugs from the east coast.

    Thanks everyone for your kind comments! I am glad you all like my new hat!
    Thanks for stopping by


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