Friday, May 21, 2010

Water droplets on leaves

Howdee all,

This past week we had a few days of much needed rain here in the sand hills of North Carolina.

We stopped at a nursery/garden center after the rain.

I had my little point and shoot camera with me…So..I took a few photos of water droplets.nursery_088On leaves….nursery_086I haven't yet practiced enough with the macro settings.. nursery_092I used the macro zoom on a few of these… nursery_093 I have allot to learn…nursery_014 Any words of advice are welcome..nursery_015Luckily, my baby point and shoot does a decent job with macros.. nursery_016  When I look at some water droplet photos taken by professional photographers…nursery_041 I am amazed by what they can capture.. nursery_040 Check out this link for some real awesome

Water dropletsnursery_043


  1. looks like drip dropping good photo fun.

  2. I like your water droplets just fine. Some almost look iced.

  3. I think they turned out wonderful!

  4. You did a great job, Dawn! I don't take macro pictures enough either - I should take the time - how nice!

  5. I think the macros are perfect with your little camera. (I really like using the macro setting!)

  6. Thanks everyone for your comments on my water droplets post. I am still experimenting with macro settings...
    always something new to learn.


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