Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Birding Smith Oaks, High Island, TX

Howdee all,

There are two great places on High Island to look for woodland migrants, Boys Scout woods and Smith Oaks.

Smith Oaks is a bit bigger and has the plus of a awesome Rookery.

Boy scout woods and Smith Oaks_032There are several ponds. Boy scout woods and Smith Oaks_033 The Rookery is a blast..Boy scout woods and Smith Oaks_066

If you have a big lens you can get some awesome shots!Boy scout woods and Smith Oaks_034 Boy scout woods and Smith Oaks_035 My Baby camera did ok..

The most Roseate spoonbills in one area that I have seen! There are hundreds of them.Boy scout woods and Smith Oaks_072

It was fun watching the Spoonbills nest building…the male gathered the sticks and gave them to the female..who then placed them.boy scout woods and Smith oaks_047boy scout woods and Smith oaks_060boy scout woods and Smith oaks_058 Great Egret on nest.boy scout woods and Smith oaks_056  See the blue egg… boy scout woods and Smith oaks_050Sit back down very carefullyboy scout woods and Smith oaks_051 See the fuzzy hatchlings in the nest?boy scout woods and Smith oaks_053    There are trails to follow ..Boy scout woods and Smith Oaks_051

Flower lined this time of year..Boy scout woods and Smith Oaks_056

The birding was a bit slow this day in Smith Woods..

But there are plenty of other things to look at..

Like this Rough Green snakeboy scout woods and Smith oaks_067

and this dragonfly

boy scout woods and Smith oaks_042  China BerryBoy scout woods and Smith Oaks_039  Mariposa Lily with flyBoy scout woods and Smith Oaks_043  Some kind of Thistle..      Boy scout woods and Smith Oaks_057        Nature has so much to offer!

Another Great Day of birding High Island.


  1. These are some really beautiful and colorful shots !!Great post !!

  2. Wow you've had some awesome birding in Texas! Love the thistle picture. I'll be birding in Central Park Sat - Luke is leading it. Hope to see lots of warblers!

  3. Sweet Spoonbill shots! Very romantic!

  4. Great photos Dawnie... Loved the Spoonbills... B-E-A-Utiful! Have a super day & travel safe.

  5. that is such a terrific spot! Last time we were there though the mosquitos were unbearable- yikes! Great pictures, makes me want to go back soon!

  6. Oh my GOSH! I'm as green as that snake with envy. I want to be a birding nomad like you. I'm trying to convince Rick the Reluctant Birder it's the way to go...

  7. What a truly beautiful series.

  8. Love your adventures Dawn. The spoonbill nest is so sweet.

  9. Nature is pure MAGIC!!! Love the photographs Dawn.

  10. Any way you could ship a couple them spoonbills up my way? I just realized I have a severe pink bird shortage. I'd move, but it's not buggy here.

  11. Really cool shots of the rookery Dawn! That's a lot of pink!

    You got some wonderful shots of the Roseate Spoonbills building the nest and the Great Egret too.

    The weird thing is (and you know how much I love birds) my favorite photo is the Mariposa Lily with the fly! What a great shot that is!

    I miss you guys :-)

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  13. It was just so darn cool to see that rookery from afar and the photographers shooting! I'm so glad you included that shot - I could stay there all day! You got some good ones, Dawn! I loved the green fly on the Mariposa lily!

  14. Loved all the color of the roset(SP) to the snake( which scare me ) to the flowers. Fun Blog!

  15. wonderful post Dawn. great shots of the roseate and I love the egret nest and egg


  16. Unseen Rajasthan
    Thanks! and thanks for stopping by.

    Thanks..glad you went birding with Luke again! I hope you saw lots of birdies..

    Thanks..they are an adorable couple arent they?

    Thanks..the spoonbills are soooo pink and funny lookin to boot..
    Safe travels to you!

    Johnny Nutcase
    For some reason there were hardly any mosquitoes..Thank Goodness! and yes you must go back...

    YOu must be a wandering Nomad..u would love it! Let me know when you get your wheels..we can travel and bird together..

    Thanks Dave!

    Debbie Miller @HooootOwl
    Thanks Debbie!

    Marghanita Hughes
    Thanks so much!!

    Murr Brewster
    Howdee Murr..werent you just with the Flock? anyhoo..for some reason it wasnt a buggy spring On High Island..LUcky us..
    I shipped you a few of the big pink birds with the bills of spoon..did u get them yet?

    Aww thanks Larry..Yeah I liked the lily shot too..I dont know if you know but the lily is very tiny..
    You would have a blast birding here!

    Thanks.I registered!

    Bird Girl
    I know you would get some amazing shots if you were here..Put it on your birding list.

    Thanks..the snake was actually not too scarey..one of the gals picked it up..



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