Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Estero LLano Grande state park, Flowers

Howdee all,

I am nursing a headache and decided to go thru a few photos from our trip through Texas.

I thought i would post a few forgotten photos…

I took these photos while Birding at Estero LLano Grande State park.

Besides birds..Estero has some nice natural areas with Wildflowers.

fallout_030 There is also a former Camp ground, resident area with this very cool Tropical Flower.FALLOUT BIRDING_023

This looks to be some sort of Banana…but is it?FALLOUT BIRDING_022I thought the flower was intriguing FALLOUT BIRDING_020Orange glowing from inside purple…FALLOUT BIRDING_019estero llano_021      This was another flower from inside the former camping area..FALLOUT BIRDING_027??FALLOUT BIRDING_028estero llano_007I saw many different colored cactus flowers while in Texas..and they were all beautiful and intricate..estero llano_005This looks like a morning glory flower..but I don't think it is.

Any Ideas? 

estero llano_004

That's all for now..

Hoping my Sickstas can help with the flower IDs..for a special from

Trader Joes!

See you in cyberspace…


  1. The first sure is a banana. The second purple one I need to know how big the flower was and was it a vine or what?
    The last is Physalis lobata-Purple Ground Cherry.

  2. Such beautiful photos! Love the banana tree shots and the flowers (of which I have no idea what they are) are gorgeous!

  3. Hi Dawn,

    So glad we connected on Twitter! Beautiful photos. The butterfly image is really gorgeous. Hope you are doing well.


  4. When life gets you down, look at cheery photos. That one plant looks confused whether to be bananas or weird artichokes. ;-)

  5. I am pretty sure the first purple flower is either Bauhinia pupurea or Bauhinia monandra

  6. well the only one i know is the first one with the butterfly on it and that is lantana. the others are very cool and i am curious to know what they are too.

  7. Anonymous is right about the lantana.

  8. Amaaaaaazing snaps!love that first snap! looks like i will be back here quite often.... :)

  9. Gorgeous flowers and LOVE LOVE LOVE the butterfly! Your posts always brighten my day!

  10. Hey Beach Girl I am gonna step out on a limb and say Bauhinia monarda.
    If this was in South Texas they are everywhere and I miss them.
    The common name for this tree is Pata de Vaca as the leaves resemble a cow's foot.
    Nice post.

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  13. Thanks everyone for you comments and Plant IDs..
    I think a few sickstas will be getting some presents!

  14. Pretty flowers! Wish I can also add them on my garden. Specially that violet flower.


  15. Marvelous collection Of FLowers..
    i really love it...
    Keep Up the Good Work

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