Sunday, May 02, 2010

Birding,Boy scout woods, High Island, TX

  Howdee all,

Boy Scout woods was one of our favorite places to bird on the Island.

For pure migration excitement, if the timing is right, and great convenience as the RV park we camped in was across the street.

A few days I had Jeff go over before me to check out the action. If it was hopping with birds I would head over right away.

Houston Audubon has it presence here

..Houston Audubon has four wildlife sanctuaries on the Island.

Boy Scout Woods Smith Oaks The Rookery at Smith Oaks
Eubanks Woods S.E. Gast Red Bay

The  Kiosk below is where they sell daily passes for entrance into the sanctuaries. 

They also sell a few books, tee shirts, bug spray, water and a few other items.

Boy scout woods and Smith Oaks_009

There are free guided walks with expert birders…it can get a little crowded on the boardwalk.

high island_021 I really enjoyed walking the trails here this time of year..Boy scout woods and Smith Oaks_015

The smell of privet and honeysuckle fill the air.

Boy scout woods and Smith Oaks_025If you see a gathering of go check it out.. Boy scout woods and Smith Oaks_028 If you are a can rent a blind for ten dollars a day..

Great close up views of birds bathing..

boy scout woods and Smith oaks_006 This female Rose-breasted Grosbeak has no idea that we are all watching her.boy scout woods and Smith oaks_007 As she sits near the dripboy scout woods and Smith oaks_009 and then decides to take a bath..boy scout woods and Smith oaks_005Bath time…

The birds line up…and come down one at a time to take baths..Sometimes its a bathing free for all.

Correct me if I am wrong, I believe this to be a female

Scarlet tanagerboy scout woods and Smith oaks_014    taking a bath..boy scout woods and Smith oaks_015Then leaving…boy scout woods and Smith oaks_016  Scarlet tanagers become the norm this time of year.boy scout woods and Smith oaks_027I never tired of watching them 

boy scout woods and Smith oaks_030

Berry eating time.

High Island should be on every birders list of places to go for spring migration.


Jeff and I have left Texas and are migrating north with the birdies..

I called to help with the oil spill but haven't heard back from ..we continue north, and will send a donation to help with the cleanup.

North Carolina here we come.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful place to go birding. Loved all your photos, especially the Scalet Tanager.

  2. I've spotted only one male rose-breasted grosbeak here in coastal SC and it was a real thrill! Your tanager shots are heavenly! Merrilymarylee led me over to visit you and I'm so pleased she did. That was my piece on the Westboro nuthatches that she forwarded to you and thanks for sending it along into the world.

  3. wonderful pictures Dawn, looks like it was fun. I love the grosbeak's sidelong glance


  4. Lovely paths, lovely birds and a fun video.

  5. What an invasion of privacy watching those birds bathe. HA HA Just kidding. What a pretty grosbeak. They just lose themselves in the water. How neat. Nice video & photos of tanager. Have a safe migration.

  6. I Want to be there!!! LOVE the videos ~ you chose the perfect music to go with them! What a wonderful place!

  7. I've yet to bird seriously in Texas, but gosh, every time I read a post like yours I want to even more. Sounds like you had a great time.

  8. ......soooooooo beautiful. I'm so jealous.

  9. eileeninmd
    High Island is one of the best places to go for migration.I think you would love it Eileen.

    Howdee..and welcome..Glad you came to visit..we are now in NC and looking for the Rose breasted Grosbeaks I normally see here in the spring..Guess we arrived a bit too late and they have headed north..

    Thanks Dan..Yeah..i loved the way it looked around..

    Thanks Bobbie..glad u enjoyed the video.

    Donna M. Simonetti
    Howdee Donna..Yes I am a to watch those birdies bath..

    Thanks Kerri..
    i know you would capture some

    Wren must bird Texas..the Rio Grande Valley for their specialty birds.and Padre Island and High Island for some awesome migration.

    Kelly.. I will go over to your blog and get jealous:)


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