Friday, May 14, 2010

Garden goodies and cedar sculptures

Howdee all,

More Garden goodies from Sicksta Dells Garden.

Some real purdy Day lilies ..dells garden_012

I took a whiff but its not scented.dells garden_014Sicksta Dell wanted me to take a picture of this Hydrangea

dells garden_016  It has purple flowers

White turning to purple…dells garden_029Sicksta says she hasn't seen many with purple flowers..dells garden_022Last year while visiting Sicksta, Dell and I took a walk down the street.

We walked by a beat up old home that had a terrific garden with sculpted cedar trees.

The fella who created the garden was outside and we chatted for a bit.

He told us he used Red Cedars that he took out of side ditches and then shaped them into triangles, circles or squares…

We loved his sculpted trees.

So this year we thought we would try to make a few.

Being the Half ass sickstas, we didn't research how to do the sculpture..we just did it!

I didn't take a before picture..but below is the after…as the tree grows it will require more trimming.

Notice the three ball sections..dells garden_005  Today I thought I would try to make one myself…

Jeff trimmed off a few branches from the Hickory tree, that was shading the Cedar…

dells garden_035      Then…  I shaped the Cedar

Another three baller….

there are a few more Cedars in the yard that I will sculpt.

Its very easy and adds a bit of whimsy to the garden.

dells garden_041 While walking around the garden I found this interesting specimen..

Slime Mold

slime and kali_001

This particular slime mold seems to come back yearly on the same dead stump in the garden. I pushed it around a bit with a stick and it is indeed slimy.

Well that's all for now…No big plans..maybe I can convince Jeff to take a trip to the coast to check out some shorebirds…or to Pee Dee NWR to see what birds are there.

In the meantime..I keep an eye on the yard birds…

The bluebirds in the nest box have fledged…Must have missed that the one day I was resting with a hoo..I haven't seen them around..but noticed a single blue egg still in the nest box…Guess it never hatched.

Chickadee and family have been seeing their reflection in our bathroom window and flying close to it and yelling at it..

Blue-gray gnatcatchers high up in the trees eating bugs.

First year Male Summer Tanager singing around the yard…so far no female has joined this poor lonely fella.

Haven't seen the American redstart in a while.

Eastern wood-pee wee sings almost constantly around the yard.

A pair of Great-crested flycatchers sing and catch bugs high in the trees.

Titmice and Cardinal and American Goldfinch regulars to the feeders.

Indigo bunting sings from the nearby field..

Blue Grosbeak seen several times around the yard.

Carolina Wren sings too much..hee hee

Blue Jays building nest in tree in front yard.

Red-bellied Woodpecker couple fly in and out of treetop with dead wood collecting bugs to bring to nest across the street?

Ruby-throated hummingbird going to the garden flowers for food.

Cedar Waxwings come by in the evening for bugs..high in the trees

Brown-headed nuthatches come in the evening and go to the feeders.

and probably a few other birds I am forgetting..

I am compiling a yard list of birdies..

This below I could never forget

Whip-poor-will is always present at 5:30am outside the bedroom window telling us to wake up as it sings non stop for ten minutes…Still looking for the off switch on that noisy critter.

Followed by the Carolina Wren..and from then on a constant drone of birds..

Missing birds from last year…


Ruby crowned kinglet

must have missed Rose-throated Grosbeak migrate thru

White-throated sparrows left to go north before we arrived most likely.

Red-headed woodpecker..haven't seen them this year.


  1. love that 5th snap! and the small idol in the 6th snap is interesting. is that a Buddha idol ?

  2. Such a great garden to play around in. And even more fun because it's somebody else's. So hard to garden in an RV. But you seem to be parked in a bird watchers paradise. Just don't get to settled. ;-)

  3. That hydrangea is so cool - how it is white and then turns to purple! Neat idea to do that sculpture!

  4. Beautiful garden images Dawn! And you have a wide variety of birds to compliment the beauty of the blooms. Including that noisy Whip-poor-will!

  5. Hahaha! You made me laugh when I read "being the Half ass sickstas..." Love your sculpted cedars. They turned out great. I have a few of those scraggly trees popping up in my yard. When they get a bit bigger I might give it a try!

  6. Greener Bangalore
    Thank you..the statue is of Kwan Yin.

    Gaelyn, wont let grass grow around our wheels...I am happy to be a part time gardener..

    Bird Girl
    Thank you kindly..Having fun puttering around the garden

    hee hee..yeah that Whip-poor-will I hear him I the distance..

    Kelly Sicksta and I are famous for all the half assed things we do..hee hee..


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