Monday, March 23, 2009

FMCA Rally, Perry, GA.

Howdee all,
As most of you know we spent the last week at the big Family Motor home Rally...
Around 3,500 motor homes and their owners attended the event...small gathering this year..probably due to our troubled economy. A few years back they had more than double the amount of attendees.

This is a photo Jeff took from the top of our Homey.

Everything related to living full or part time in a Motor home was there..
...from classes to gadgets.. to...
Big Honking Motor homes..
Check out this Lovely Home...At about 1.5million and over you can have one of these yourself.

Do you like this glitzy style?

or is it Earthy tones what you are looking for?

They had motor homes of all sizes...from your converted camper vans to the above..Prevost Bus conversions.

Jeff and I decided we are quite happy with our Homey and didn't purchase either of the Million dollar buses...tee hee..

It was a fun time.

Now we are in Waynesville, Ga. a half hour south of Augusta.
At Reeves Custom Coaches for replacement of our livingroom slide-room seal.

You can click and scroll around the map to check out the area.

So here we sit in a park like setting.

This is a family compound of sorts, Lots of land, some family homes.... used to be a YMCA camp. There is a violet blue pond we can see from the Homey, cabins, a large meeting room, tennis and volleyball courts, hiking trails, and swamp areas that might be good for birding.
Met the owner Fred Reeves, his wife and three young boys...they are a very lovely family.
Cutest little boys.

Looks like a bit over a week before the work is done...ordering parts etc.
We may also decide to have our bedroom TV updated from a 13 inch to possibly a 22.

So.......... we will settle in a bit.
Take Day trips...walk the grounds a little birding and hope it doesn't take much longer than a week. I never do like having my home disrupted, torn apart..but, it is just a small inconvenience in the greater scheme of things

I leave you with this sunset photo taken at the rally.

Jeff's head is aglow!


  1. somebody throw a pail of water on jeff quick.

  2. Wow! I knew some of them were quite fancy, but I never imagined that. Nice post.

  3. Those were some fancy homes! Wow! Enjoyed seeing the interior of these! Loved the sunset photo - hope you put out the fire on your hubby's head afterwards- LOL!!

  4. Looks like a fun gathering. But I'd be afraid to put a tack in the walls. Think I'll stick with my low end campers. Yet, it's fun to dream. Great sunset! Hope your home is fixed quickly.

  5. I can't get over how fancy some of them are. Enjoy your time in GA!

  6. Dawn,
    Loved looking at the interiors of some of those $$$$ units..funny we watched hgtv on rvs and actually have been talking about renting one to see if we would like to travel in it..of course we know nothing about them..too bad we weren't closer to this show!! Sounds like it could be doable, but we aren't sure how much room we would need to enjoy the trip..of course who wouldn't want the $$$$ type but we would be looking at something less costly in the B class. Sounds like fun but don't want to experience Robin Williams-like trip in the movie RV!! lol
    Great post! got me thinking...again!!

  7. Some fancy schmancy stuff there! Fortunately, not really to my taste, so I think I'll pass.

    That must have been a fantastic sunset!

  8. Love the sunset picture! I could live in one of those mobiles. I wonder if the engines as good as the furnishings?

  9. Quite the interesting event. There are so many cultures even in this country I have yet to visit and explore.

  10. wow Dawn... that looks like it was a really great and fun time... some of those motor homes are too much for me... the glitzy one is WAAAAY too flashy that is for sure... i like the comfy ones...

  11. It is fun to see inside the motorhomes. To me the glitzy one is over the top, but the one with the earthy tones looks cozier, although still a little shiny.

  12. Based on how trashed our car gets on a birding trip, I think we should only dream of the non-fancy homeys.

    Are you headed North after this pit stop?

  13. I really enjoyed this Dawn. I can't believe how gorgeous the inside of those RV's are. And it looks like you picked a good place to settle in for awhile. I love the idea of your lifestyle...

  14. Andy,
    Yeah..sure were allot but half as many as a few years back.

    Sista Adele,
    I threw some water on him..he didnt appreciate it. tee hee

    NCmountainwoman..Yeah they get real fancy..but they also have the normal stuff.

    yeah his head is no longer glowing.tee hee

    Yeah I agree with you..wouldnt want to put a hole in those walls... I love your new truck camper.

    Yes these babies get really fancy..just about anything you want can be had..for a price.

    Bhavesh Chhatbar
    Thanks! thanks for stopping by.

    You should try one out and see if it is for you! Lots of fun.
    They have FMCA rallys several times a year. You should certainly go to one before buying an RV.
    So far we havent done a Robin Williams!

    Yes fancy...but they have RVS for us normal folks too..tee hee

    Yes ..the engines are very good.
    we have a Diesel engine..supposed to last many years.

    Natural Moments...
    It sure is an interesting culture to Crazy Rvers...ha

    Butterfly niece in law,
    They had some you would be real comfy in! Thanks for stopping by and commenting..

    Diane C,
    yeah I am with you...a bit over the top for me too...

    Warren and Lisa,
    Get yourself a funky older model and refirb in a birdie theme...ha..
    We are headed to NC for the month of april, then head to the coast work our way north, cape may...etc..ending up in NYC end of may...onto CT etc..

    Yeah..its amazing how fancy these homes get.
    Allot of people buy used models and get what they like.

    Thanks everyone for coming by an commenting!

  15. I toured one of the those 1 million dollar RVs when a convention was held in Blacksburg, Virginia. It was really something. But, that many RVs in one place is scary! Lovely photos--especially the last one.

  16. how about a red carpet road for all these million-dollar RVs? they're actually luxurious than some cheap ass hotels

  17. Appalachian Lady,
    I hear wasn't scary...but realize how many people actually do this kind of travel.

    Jimson..yes crazy.

  18. The homes were so cool but I think yours is purdier and cozier then them. It's a shame there are less people out there but I'm sure you had fun just the same.. Thanks for sharing another Dawn and Jeff's excellent adventure..

  19. Hi Dawn, we met at the Rally, I am the sales person for the two coaches that you have posted. It truly touches us that you posted these pictures. If you are ever in Sanford Florida and need assistance or service, please give me a call and we will be honored to be of help.

    Chris Stroup
    Millennium Luxury Coaches


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