Monday, March 02, 2009

Crafty Ideas because I forgot my Memory again..

Howdee all,

Today we went to Bald Point State park near Panacea. Florida. Had a nice hike on the beach and collected a few treasures.
OK ..yet again I forget my Memory card for my camera...I thought for sure I put the card in the camera after downloading photos to my laptop...but...i didn't...
And both of Jeff's battery's ran out of gas on his camera...
So no photos today.

Here are some ideas of what to make with my treasure finds..
When we were in Apalachicola...we went to this funky store...interesting things made out of shells and driftwood.
this lamp below ..oyster shells glued around chandelier

I loved this use of driftwood..
a tower...put together with one central dowel.

A few days ago we were looking at these American Wigeons and this one male in particular looked very white faced. Is this normal?

Thats all for now...Have a nice night...and a better day tommorow!


  1. That looked like a fun shop. I loved the driftwood towers too.

  2. I think I like that Oyster Chandelier. Its quite original and I like the textured look of it all.

  3. I've been gradually collecting perfectly sized and shaped pieces of driftwood, thinking that someday I'll make windchimes with them. But I wonder if they'd sound too much like clacking bones (think "Skeleton In 1930s Cartoon") to get the calming effect one wants with windchimes.

    That wigeon does look especially white-faced. Very striking, I think. They should all be so lucky. Here's a picture of one with even more contrast. (Scroll down to the fourth row of pics.)

  4. Wow! That's some real cool stuff.. It's amazing what people can think up in their heads. I wish I could do that..

  5. Those are some interesting shell ideas..always like perusing those little trinket shops along the fl beaches.. Love the white faced duck..can't help you out with your question but think it is cool you caught him in your lens!
    yea I still think "it" is close as I peek out over the drifts of snow that are piled up against my house. ;-)

  6. Interesting but I can't say I would have it in my home.

  7. I just caught up on your recent posts. I haven't been able to load your page for a few days except for the header. Must have been a local glitch.

  8. Howdee all,
    Earl..thanks for the link..yes that is also a lighter faced wigeon very much like the one we saw.

    yes the shops here have some great shelly craft ideas.

    Andy..Ha..yeah you certainly need a style home that would work well with those shell and woody craft designs.not for everyone...

    strange..that the blog didnt load ..well hope is working for everyone were the only one to mention an issue...

  9. So many great things you can do with shells! Loved that chandelier! I've never seen a Wigeon before so I liked seeing yours - so I'm guessing it was okay it was white faced?

  10. Hey Dawn,

    I really like that driftwood tower. Very cool!
    I hate when I forget my memory card!! Know how you feel.

  11. Shellmo..
    yeah as far as I know the Wigeon is ok...just light colored

    Alan...yeah..what I need to do is buy a half dozen cards and put one in the in my husbands wallet and a few in fanny packs ..pocketbooks etc.

  12. ahh yes, forgetting the memory card..yup...been there lots of times before, but I enjoyed the photos you did get.


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