Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Blog working again... Motorhome rally and dewy Spider webs

Howdee all,

Jeff and I are now in Perry, Georgia at a an FMCA rally...that stands for Family Motor coach rally.
I don't know how many motor homes are here at this rally....but the last one we attended there were over 5,000. All different shapes and sizes.
Motor home City.
We've come here to attend workshops and classes related to motor homey things...Jeff is taking classes on the electrical system, battery's and one about the engine. We will also go to seminars on traveling to Alaska, and the Canada maritimes. I found a few interesting computer classes and also one on taking better photos. There will be entertainment and dancing. Commercial vendors selling things related to RV and RV travel.
This is a place to meet old friends and to make new friends. Today we met new friends. They are from England and came to the US a year ago to pick up their new motor home....it is near the end of their journey here and they will ship the new motor home back to England where they will use it for Vacations.
check out their adventures.

So here we are for a week.
Doing motor homey things.

We did find a few birdies around. Saw a flock of cedar waxwings here at the fairgrounds two days in a row on the same tree. Today, on a small pond in the fairgrounds we saw one coot, two Blue winged teal, two bufflehead, two Redhead ducks and two Canada geese.
Did a trip to a Sod farm nearby looking for migrating shorebirds...didn't see any, but did see a small flock of purple martins, American Pipits, Horned larks, Meadow larks and a few others...So it was still a decent birdie day without the shorebirds.
I want to thank Lydia of Coastal Georgia Birding blog for posting this great link to Wings over Georgia... great places to bird in Georgia
on her blog for me..
Check out her blog!

I leave you with these beautiful spiderwebs.
We found these one morning on a walk in the St. Marks Wildlife Refugee.
It was a damp night and in the morning the webs were full of dew. It was amazing to see all the spiderwebs...ones that you ordinarily wouldn't see..the dew made them all visible....ones that I probably have walked on without knowing....
Sorry spiders. I will try and be more careful next time.

look at all those webs...

This was a very interesting web. Built on the ground in the grass. See the hole?

these were on the ground also..but were like puffs ..roundish..no hole that I could see.

they were all very interesting webs

and this one, below, if you look closely is using a piece of arched grass....

another photo of the same web..ok not the best clarity..but...I like the way it glows.

Well thats all for now...signing off...from the fairgrounds in Perry, Ga.


  1. Sounds like a grand gathering of RVers, fun and learning too.

    I love the spider webs, the last 3 images the best.

  2. Great webs!

    I blew the funnel web 'way up, to see if I could see the spider down the hole. No sign of it, though.

  3. Dawn,
    These spider webs are wonderful!! I love to happen upon this type of nature's art..esp with the dew. Your photos are so nice..esp the one built on the arc of the stem. I had read that the spider spins two types of silk..one that is sticky and one that isn't..they then make their web using the alternating method..sticky, not sticky so that when they walk on the web they don't stick to their own creation!
    Clever little creatures!

  4. Beautiful webs!! Amazing that such a small creature could create them.

  5. Love the spider webs. I am still waiting for my little sack of writing spiders to burst open. I am hoping for webs all over my gardens this year.

  6. Cool webs!! You find the neatest things.. You always were quite the nature observer and finder of outdoor treasures..

  7. How fun reading what you will be doing...I'll check out that link. Read above where your service will be out for awhile...hope not too long!

  8. Awesome spider webs! The ones on the ground remind me of the ones we had in our front yard around the landscape gravel.

  9. Gaelyn..Yeah this is the big rally..I am sure you must have come to one of these rallys in your rv..i dont think you have to have a motorhome.

    Wanderin Weeta,
    If anyone would do that It would be you! Wish the spider was there..I bet you would know what it was.

    Thanks for the spider info..didnt know about the sticky no sticky part..that is so cool!

    I know..it is amazing..I love this stuff.

    Howdee sis...I hope those spiders can hold out until I get there..would love to see the babies.

    Yeah. sista, the webs were very interesting that morning..wish you could come along and see these things with me.

    Glad to take you along on our journey..Blog is working again..thanks

    Yeah..I expect to see some webs on your new blog...tee hee..
    I have been enjoying your travels.

    Thanks again for all your kind comments...

  10. I bet that RV rally was a lot of fun! The hubby & I are thinking of renting one to tour Alaska. Have you been there or is it on your list? Loved the spider web photos - especially the last shots - they were very intricate.

  11. Dawn - those spiderwebs are just amazing! Thanks for sharing the beauty of them!

  12. Shellmo,
    We haven't yet done the Alaska trip..can you believe that..after almost eight years of this..But each time something seems to come up..And when we go we plan on leaving may and coming back September...so that is a big chunk of time.
    We think maybe 2010 is possible.
    You should definitely go.
    We are going on a seminar today on Alaska..

    Thanks I really enjoyed looking at them all.

  13. Eewww, spders! But very nice photos!

  14. Sounds like you are heading North! Try Maryland! We missed catching up with you...

  15. Hey Dawn,
    Sounds like you guys are having fun! Great spider web photos. I really like the 5th one.

  16. Your spider webby pics are awesome Dawn! I'm happy you got to see purple martins....they're one of my favorite birds.

  17. Maine birder
    yeah those creepy crawly things. Glad you are starting to thaw out in Maine.

    Warren and Lisa,
    We expect to be in your neck of the woods beginning of May..Maybe we can meet and do some birding..We are just beginning birders..have allot to learn. Glad you had a nice time in India.

    Yes we are having a grand time here at the RV rally..but to tell u the truth ..I am ready for some birdie action.

    Ruthie J,
    Purple martins are one of your favorite birds? I really dont know much about them. Why do you like them so much?

  18. Lovely photographs of these amazing works of art.

  19. Now that's what I call a cool website! The motorcoach scene is like a whole other culture.I never realized how involved it can get-interesting.

  20. now i am itchy thinking about the pesky little buggers that make those beautiful works of art...

  21. I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say I’m glad I found your blog.


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