Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Homey torn apart for fixin…I’m Outta here.


Howdee all,

Yes that's our Homey, Notice the slide room is not attached. They had to take it off to replace the seals..

So its pretty messy inside..my living room/dining room/kitchen so me and my fur boy are in the bedroom. Jeff is out watching the whole thing happen.

I am getting a bit stir crazy.

So I am going out to find some birdies or maybe some



or maybe some mushrooms


Have a Wonderful Day!

PS.Looks like Homey stays apart until Insurance adjuster comes..

Oh also, I am posting this using Windows Live Writer for the first time.

I think i am going to like it.


  1. This does not look good. I hope they have a Cinderella on the payroll...

  2. Oh dear--that's bad to be put out of your home. Hope they fix it fast! But, it's a great excuse to get out in nature.

  3. Hope its not too much longer to Homey is ready to roll again! Loved the caterpillar and mushroom photo.

    P.S. I want to do a blog interview with you for my log cabin blog in the next couple weeks if you're agreeable. I'm just so fascinated w/ your RV traveling!!

  4. Homey looks sad to be stuck in that dark, damp barn. The mushroom picture is my favorite. OH there is a new spray out there that can rid you of those pesky guys on your floor.

  5. I hope Homey isn't torn up too long. Love the catapillar.

  6. Arizona Girl.
    I am the Cinderella..and i dont get paid!

    Appalachian Lady,
    Yeah ..thank goodness for the woods!

    Sure would love to do blog interview.

    LOL you need to tell me the name of that spray..those pesky buggers are still around.

    looks like another day or two..i am hoping just day.

  7. Hang on!!!

    p.s. Love the mushroom pic!

  8. Mel,
    I am hanging by a thread..I hope it doesnt break!

  9. Love the mushroom picture... The caterpillar makes me itch... for some reason things with lots of legs make me itch... I know they have a purpose and a reason but I don't want to touch them! lol They do look cute in pics too though!

    Hope the homey is all set and ready to go for you soon!

  10. Lovely Homie...ahh yeah - so nice! I might have to consult you on mushrooms - lol. I marvel at them when they start appearing...teeny in the morning and four times as big by the afternoon (just wish I knew which ones I could put on my plate!)


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