Thursday, February 05, 2009

Retro Micky D's...UFO Sighting,,,,SNOW in Florida?

Howdee all,

Yep it was cold here in Florida's Panhandle yesterday.....Burrr....
We decided we would do a drive and check out the Birdie hotspots west of Destin all the way to Alabama. We brought our Down coats, scarves, gloves and headed out.

Jeffy wanted his Micky D Mocha coffee delight we found this very new Retro style McDonald's...this is the new design. We were told this is the original look way back when.
It was actually very cool.

It has a very nice open floor plan...nice tile...display cases for all the Micky D paraphernalia from the past.

Several big screen TVS..closed captioned...Free Wifi...Free coffee refills...
and many terminals like the one below for Internet and games...
Great for the kiddies...Young and old...Just bring some disinfectant...lots of finger prints..

So...Tanked up on Coffee we had a nice 100 mile plus drive...stopping off at hotspots...brrrr...too the car again quickly...We did several walks in the woods...a bit warmer and some nice birds.

Driving from the mainland to a long spit of beach and buildings...

E. T. has landed....and he is alive and well in this home...
if you click on the below will see he brought a friend along.

And whats this white stuff?????

They are actually plowing the road.

and using a snow blower....
Sand blower?
The way he is dressed you just might think this that other four letter word.

over and out for now.....this morning is chilly...we will drive this afternoon to a water treatment plant that was listed on the birding see what we can see.


  1. Yes, I've been hearing about the freeze. Fun pics and hope you find great coffee wherever you travel...

  2. brrrr, very cold here too. Love the retro Micky D's and all the fun things they had there. Did they have retro prices too?

  3. Great pictures! The sand really does look like snow down there. I will trade what we have with them any day. ;o)

    We have a retro McD's the next town over from us and the kids love it!

  4. That retro McDonalds seems neat! I wish I had sand right now instead of the snowpile I see outside my door right now!

  5. Glad to hear you kept your northern gear with you...can't believe fl. is getting these temps...hopefully it will warm up for you soon...then you can find some more neat birds. love the little space ship and the two little ? creatures in the windows!! I think my birds would like some of the sand..right now.. easier to grind up those seeds...and with snow snow snow and gets tough.

  6. What is up with these cold temps, they are soooo last month. Here I am holding my breath till tomorrow where we start a nice full week of 60 degree temps.

  7. It's cold and windy all the way down the peninsula. Even the birds are hunkered down. Destin's one of my favorite spots, but I doubt you'll be enjoying the beach. A cuppa Joe at the retro McDonald's sounds like the best choice.

  8. Their snow removal cracks me up.

  9. That McD's may be retro on the outside, but it sounds thoroughly modern inside.

    This weather is so weird all over, isn't it?

  10. Ha! You fooled me. On those last photos, I was thinking, "Well, I can't even tell which part is snow and which is sand." Okay, okay, it's been nearly thirty years since I've been down there. I forgot what white sand looks like.

  11. Waste water treatment plants are the best! Hope you enjoyed!

  12. Come and visit your sistas blog and pick up your award.. :)

  13. Maybe if Florida can prove to me that it can stay cold I might visitthere some day.I hate the combination of heat and humidty.It reminds me of my days of icking tobacco when I was a kid.-Kind of an interesesting Mcdonald's there. I'll have a grilled chicken sandwich please.

  14. And you thought it was cold in Titusville. SNOW!
    What is Florida coming to?
    Greetings from further south in Florida where it hasn't snowed, Yet.

  15. Cool Micky d's. Looks like you guys had fun..

    Love the space ship and the two martians in there. Did you take them to your leader? LOL


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