Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Grayton Beach State Park...our new Home

Howdee all,

We moved our Homey about 25 miles east to Grayton Beach State Park.
We had another week reserved at Henderson Beach State Park in Destin...but decided, after seeing this Park to switch. The Park is a bit more secluded.....Nice Lake, which we happened to be camped on...and hopefully a few more birdies.

See...that little square beyond the lake...that's our Homey.

We can walk to the beach from this Campground
This is a look East

and the view looking west

So we took an evening beach walk...The sun was setting...
not many people on the beach...

I think this is a mushroom cap jelly fish
Check out this link for information on jelly fish

and this little gem...is the bead i found on the windblown sand yesterday.
I say it is a native American bead made of shell.
What do you think?


  1. I love that bead. And your beach photos are fantastic!

  2. That certainly does look like a primitive shell bead. I hope you find some more!

  3. Yes it really does look like a bead. I like this campground much better also. Nice to be able to walk to the beach.

  4. Absolutely gorgeous!!! Love the sunrise pictures.

  5. Nice pictures.. Very purdy.. Cool bead!

  6. Love that bead! I think you would like my Bone Thing - what I think may be a permineralized bone tool.

  7. Sigh. Looks beautiful. Hope ya'll are having a great time and seeing lots of birds, too.

    I heard it was really cold in Florida recently. Has it warmed back up?

    Good Birding!
    W & L

  8. Dawn,

    What an awesome set of photo's! Nicely done. The sunset is just amazing.


  9. The views are so beautiful. It's nice that you can stay in some of the more secluded wilderness areas.

  10. HOwdee all
    Thanks for the comments and opinions...yes I do feel as if I have a nice old bead...and I am not keeping it ....locked up in a cabinet yet.
    I am wearing it.
    Lisa..the weather has turned beautifully warm and after a week and a half checking out this area for birdies...we have concluded that most birdies are somewhere else...tee hee
    I think it is too eary for the migrants...as we work our way back east on the pan handle..We are expecting to see more birds...

  11. What a lovely area. I can understand why you would pull up and move there early.

  12. Love those beach scenes Dawn!

    I am getting kind of cabin-feverish. Can't wait until spring and walk along the beach without dressing like an eskimo.

  13. As I look out over my snow piles, it's so nice to see the beautiful beach pictures and think about Florida! Hope you're warm.

  14. Great move, I wondered about camping out on the beach between resorts.
    Love the bead and the fact your wear it....cool!

  15. Gorgeous camping spot!! I love beachcombing - that sure is a pretty bead you found.

    The tracks you asked about were from something small, I think, I hope. :)

  16. That shell bead would look nice on a necklace! Unique! I love seeing the places you go w/ your RV - the beach photos were spectacular.

  17. Hi Dawn, looks you're having a great time in Florida. Loved the pictures of the beach and the sunsets........

  18. Okay, it's for sure now, I want your life! These are such gorgeous photos, and wow, look at that jellyfish. I love that you can just pick up and go somewhere else whenever the adventure muse taps you.

    This is just so cool.

  19. Your photos are breath-taking! I am so glad you are getting to enjoy this wonderful place.

  20. That bead is really neat, however I'm sure the Rangers at the park would like to have that back. It is against the law to remove such articles from Florida State Parks. This is just a suggestion but you may want to return it before they are made aware. Glad you enjoyed your time at Grayton...

  21. Luckily the bead was not found in the state park. It was not found near the park at all.
    but thanks for your concern.

  22. You still need to report it. If it is from a known site, it is protected. If it isn't from a known site, and there is a previously unknown site extant near the place where the bead was found, it should be surveyed and possibly excavated to find out if it is eligible for state protection. Beads are often associated with burials, so it would be a pity if one were just eroding out of the ground without being reported! Could change what we know about the prehistoric record!

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ok what do you really think?????