Saturday, February 14, 2009

Goodbye Grayton Beach State Park ..Hello Presnells Marina and RV park

Howdee all,

We tried to get a longer stay at Grayton Beach State Park...but they were full on this Valentines weekend.
Actually many of the State parks here fill up this time of year, and unless you make reservations in advance.
So we scrambled to find someplace to stay Thursday until Monday.
Jeff found this RV park and Marina on the road to St. Port St. Joes.
Wow did we get lucky.
and .............................there are Birds!
One thing we noticed is that there were not that many birds west of Panama City this time of year. So now as we travel east we are seeing more birds.

See the little island in the distance between the trees...

White Pelicans stay here in the winter..along with some Brown Pelicans, Egrets and we saw a flock of Ibis eating in the mud flats.
Birdies , Birdies everywhere.

The park is not fancy...just sites with electric and water.
Wifi at the office.

The Views are amazing...this is the view looking right which is north.

This is the view to the left which is to the south.
A nice dock...with lots of birdies! Mostly Brown Pelicans, laughing gulls and a few Herons.
Willets move through and feed in the flats.

We face West. The view out of our front window.

the view over the sofa.

Ballie is sleeping here...but spent most of the afternoon outside.

So we are enjoying our new temporary yard. Four nights....hummm maybe we should stay longer.

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The sunset was very nice tonight.

Tomorrow we will check out the State Park and do some birding...if the weather holds out.
Rain is expected..
Well....we can always stay home and look out the windows.
Tee hee...

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  1. Looks like another really nice place to stay. How cool to see the sunset over the water in your front window.

  2. Very loverly indeedie. A panaramic view out of every window. Life is good.

  3. Looks like a wonderful place to park the RV . . but after seeing that view! WOW

  4. Happy Valentine's gift to you! What an awesome find. All those birds hanging out and beautiful coastal views. Look foward to seeing more of what you find nearby.

  5. Oh my goodness...I just found your site through Kallen, and I quickly called my husband..."Can we please, please, please do this? They travel everywhere and see the birds." He didn't bite. What a wonderful adventure you are living everyday.

  6. I'm glad to see you've found relative solitude in a lovely location. Have you had a chance to check out the State park on the peninsula yet?

  7. Wow! Such beauty. You and Jeffie are lucky to stay in such pretty places and having the best views from your window.

  8. Dear Dawn,
    Lovely spot!
    The birds are so pretty and that!
    Head over to Texas...the birds are fantastic too.
    Migration will begin soon. Over 500 species come through the Lower Rio Grande Valley....
    Safe travels.

  9. Well they say when one door closes another opens..and your new found spot to park your rv looks and sounds wonderful! Love the shots of those pelicans and oh that nice!!

  10. Beautiful place. Its amazing. The clear blue sky and water and all the wildlife make it look very beautiful

  11. Beautiful place. Its amazing. The clear blue sky and water and all the wildlife make it look very beautiful

  12. O brave new yard. That has such birdies in't.

    That little island looks so enticing!

  13. Such a cool lifestyle that I could never talk my wife into.-Maybe I could start by getting an RV though.-

  14. You're adventures are so great... I love that pelican photo by the way...


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