Saturday, February 21, 2009

Beach Finds...What do You want Family?

Howdee all,

Here are some of the Beach Finds..
Let me know what you might be interested in...because I don't want to lug these all around if you don't want them.
It was good exercise anyway...I think yesterday I carried two five pound bags for at least five miles.

The sponges..i wash most of the sand off of them... a few are cool for stand alone displays...
I don't know if they should be soaked in Vinegar or not.

This Clorox bottle I found in the water yesterday...Jeff looked online and someone was selling one for seven dollars.Assorted broken I never could find a complete shell

In town I saw these type of skeleton shells in a tall clear glass cylinder jar..
it really looked cool

I thought these below would look nice in a big bowl

these are a few big stand alone shells
Ok that is just a sampling....
So sisters, mother, nieces, sister-in laws...
you know who you are...
let me know ...


  1. I'll bet you enjoyed every minute. This is my kind of fun. I love scouring the beach for things. I have a big basket of shells and such by my front door.

  2. Gorgeous Beach finds... absolutely beautiful!

  3. I love your beach treasures! So many things you can do with them!

  4. Well I will take them all if no one else wants them. I'll take all the sponges you can get. I'm thinking of doing a garden with them. ohhh yahhh.

  5. They are all beautiuss.. I'm sure Del will hog them first so I guess I'll take her slim pickens.. LOL

  6. I was going to say something about that sister Del scrounging up all the best finds, but i'm not because she is so wonderful for giving me three prizes for her contest thingy....and I want to make sure I will still get them.....hahaha

  7. Thank you, but no thank you... I have to dust the 1000 items I have around the house already.. and I am hoping and praying for nice weather to be here SOON so I can go and collect my own stuff REALLY SOON... RIGHT LADIES IN CT? ugh! I am sooooo all set with this cold weather!

  8. Those are awesome finds! It would be wonderful to find that kind of treasure!

  9. Nice Shell collection...
    not everyone can easily find those in a beach nowadays.
    See you around.


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