Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Henderson Beach State Park...Our new backyard

Howdee all,

We are here in Destin, Florida camping at Henderson Beach State Park.
While the Park and campsites are quite nice....I wasn't expecting to be so close to civilization.
As you can see with the photos the park is nestled between vacation rentals and distant high rises. The beach is a lovely white ...but not allot of it....very narrow.
That said it is still very nice...but not what I was expecting.
We are close to many birding we will go out and explore.

This is our new Yard..I love my landscaping!

This is my side yard...we have a place to hang wet towels and laundry...
and a picnic table and fire ring.

Not far from our the boardwalk through the dunes to the beach.

This is what the beach looks like to the west.

and this is what it looks like to the east....

we saw laughing gulls, and ring-billed gulls a few willets and sanderlings...Brown Pelicans..etc.

As we walked the beach we came across these ladies having a grand ole time feeding the gulls...

You have to watch this short video clip...the two of them were having so much fun...laughing and giggling....I got a kick out of watching them....
I found it amazing that the gulls could fly so close to each other.

Another fine day......


  1. HA!! LOL!! LOL!!! Those seagulls were crazy!! Great video.

    Your new home looks lovely. I love the picture you took of the sand that reminds me of snow.

  2. I loved this blog. What fun it was. The pictures were great and I am glad to see you are starting off shadow watch Wednesday with such a great photo ha. That video was crazy, I am surprised they did not get pooped on a thousand times. Love your new yard. It rivals mine dang it.

  3. Wow how white the sand is. Your picture of the ladies and the gulls brought back memories of when i visited a friend near Myrtle Beach. she would take out a bag of bread and the gulls would just swarm around her and take the food from her hand while in flight.
    you have a beautiful spot.

  4. The video was something else! You really don't have to pay a lot for smiles and fun. It is always the smallest things in life that give you pleasure. Great video Dawn, I am glad you captured it.

  5. I love your blog. How wonderful to be able to follow along on your travels. Thanks for sharing some wonderful birdies. Destin, Florida...I used to have my work in a gallery there.

  6. What a pretty area. I would love walking down the boardwalk to the beach every day.

  7. The beach looks very nice and I like all the vegetation around your RV. Looks like a nice place to stay...
    Love the video--those ladies were having a great time.

  8. As always, great photos. I LOVE your shadows!!

  9. That's not a bad spot you have there is it? Not bad at all. And the seagulls are positively Hitchcockian; did you stick around to see if those women actually survived? ;)

  10. I was about to say the same thing-Like a scene from the Hitchcock movie-funny! The beaches look very nice.-Nice scenery.

  11. I came across you blog looking for photos of Henderson state park and would LOVE to know when you were there. My fiancé and I are planning a wedding there in February and staying at that B&B. The photo with your AMAZING shadows! I was just wondering because it seemed cold and windy.Both I am ok with being from Wisconsin. :)
    OH and by the way the video..PRICELESS!


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