Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Our new backyard, St. George Island State Park, Florida

Howdee all,

We have a new Backyard. We moved east on the coast of the Florida Panhandle to St. George Island State Park...

see the map below...
that's where we are...if you go to street level you can see our campsite.

It is pretty remote here...So my Internet connection is sooooooooo frustrating. It takes me hours to do a we take a drive to hook up to some free Wifi. When i read blogs online I sometimes see pictures and sometimes not.
I can sometimes get a comment box to pop up the first time...usually it takes two or three attempts. It is annoying the heck out of me.....
OH well.............

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The RV park is very nice, wooded, large sites, campfire rings, picnic table and clothesline.
We have resident, Towhees, Cardinals, Catbirds, Yellow rumped warblers, Morning doves and Common Ground Doves
We set out some seed on the ground and I put out peanut butter suet...
which was robbed overnight by Raccoons most likely. No sign of the wire suet holder...

The little fur ball... Ballie loves sitting outside and watching the birds.

We had a nice ten mile hike yesterday to the east end of the island..

hiked five miles east on the bay side.
and then hiked back five miles west on the ocean side.
Thats me with my Yellow bag of beach treasures and my sore toes.

One thing we did that this area is not as birdie as our last favorite place!
Presenells rv park and marina in Port St. Joe's. We will definitely put that on our list of Favorite places to go back to.

There are birds here...just not as many ...and not as many species.

we saw...American Oyster catchers, Laughing Gulls, Ring billed Gulls, Bonaparte Gulls

Sanderlings, Dunlins, Black bellied Plover, Semi-Palmated Plover, Piping Plover , Snowy Plovers and Red Knots and Willets , Lesser Yellowlegs, and Ruddie Turnstones.
I guess there were a good amount of that I am writing about them.

My feet were getting sore by the end of the hike....and today my toes were sore...
So we just did a five mile the bay side thru the woods...and took the rest of the day to drive around the island, uploaded some pictures using Wifi at Subways....Jeff worked on Taxes and I made a nice dinner.

Heres my little fur boy ...wherever we go the first thing he likes to do is jump on top of the picnic table..
Below he is guarding my beach treasures. Some sponge structures...and shells.

some strange root structures?

we don't have sunset out our front we drive about a mile to this area
if we want to see the sunset.
Which is still nice...but we were spoiled at our last homesite where we could look out the window and the view was amazing.

Such is our life...the view is always changing.
and if we dont like it...
we go find another one.


  1. very nice Dawn, yall always pick the best spots!


  2. That gorgeous scenery clearly makes up for the slow intenet. ;o)

    Love the photos, especially the one w/ the cat on the picnic table w/ the shells.

  3. Birds or not, it is a beautiful spot. I think I will stop in for tea this afternoon, lol!

  4. Wow Dawn, being in such a beautiful spot is great consolation for a crappy internet connection (at least I think so!)

  5. Howdee all,
    yes this is sure a beautiful spot...birdies or none...internet or none...
    that is why we will stay here a week before moving on.
    But if i were to choose my favorite spot so far in the panhandle it would be Port St. Joe because of our campground location and all the birdies..the internet there was pretty crappy too.
    Thanks for your comments!
    Have a birdie day!

  6. What a lovely spot! The photographs are beautiful and make me long for the beach.

  7. I love tagging along on your travels! I would love to walk on that beach and pick up some shells. Your furry kitty is so cute! Does he know to stay close by?

  8. Looks like a beautiful birding backyard. Love your kitty. Carson always watched the birds. Nice beach gather.

  9. I'm impressed that you went on a 10 mile hike. That's great. That looks like a lovely place and worth the slow internet.

  10. What a cool place to stay. I sure am hoping you find a lot of nice treasures to being back...ha

  11. Goodness, that is a lot of birds. Oystercatchers are so cute!

  12. Dawn,
    What a nice tagging along with you as you mosey from place to place..such great pics of those birds and oh how that sandy beach looks so inviting to us ne people!!
    Love the sunset..and what do you do with those rooty things?

  13. Howdee everyone,
    thanks for tagging along on our travels..
    the 10 mile hike was worth the treasures and birdies we saw...and losing a pound!

    Beachgrl...I will post photos for you all to look at and decide what you like.

    I will give them to one of my sisters that would like them...they are very nice still life accent for the home.

  14. That comment from Jeff is from Dawn using Jeffs computer!

  15. I like your new back yard and you walked 10 miles!!! I am so jealous. Gorgeous photos especially that last one.

  16. It sure looked like Nobbie was guarding those treasures.. LOL I wish I was there to take that hike with you. I can't wait till the weather warms up so I can walk somewhere else besides my neighborhood. Great pictures!

  17. Dear Dawn,
    I am having so much fun catching up with you. Thank you for posting!
    The beach treasures are fantastic.
    I am taking notes! I love all your winter homes...


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