Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Lenas first birthday

Lena celebrates her 1st birthday....(she calls it her first birthday after stroke)
with her choice of food for dinner....
she wanted Kentucky fried chicken xtra crispy..


  1. Several things to say to you. But first, how thoughtful of you two to look after your friend. Not many people would do that.
    Next, all due respect to your Mom, but I really enjoy listening to Emmylou. Is'nt there some way to keep her singing to me while I look around your Bloggy? I don't know much about the other entertainers but Emmylou...
    Now, next, your husband is not crazed. He just put in normal day drives. It is a little tougher with the shorter days of winter but the miles sound right to me.
    Now, last for today. Sorry hadn't written sooner. Right now not sure if this is the right way to commuicate on your Bloggy. But we are in Mesa for the next couple months. How about meeting somewhere?
    Love, Lila & Bill

  2. yum.. I love KFC and extra crispy.. How much did you eat? LOL


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