Saturday, January 12, 2008


Howdy all,
Yesterday we traveled from about eight and drove till around 6pm...even though it was allot of wasn't so bad for me, the crazed driver let me have a leisurely breakfast, I cut up vegetables for snacking and ed and straightened Homey before we left at 8. We also had a nice lunch stop ...where the crazed driver took a nap....haa...i was able to relax and eat a yummy egg salad sandwich without being rushed.

We drove till after dark and stayed overnight at Walmart...had a bad meal at a Texas Road house.....should have gone to McDonalds in Walmart instead.

So this morning the crazed driver leaves at 5am....drives a half hour to the flying j for gas....and propane...I had to get out of my jammies and wait outside while they filled the homey with was a cold morning. burrr
So here we are on route 10 driving thru New Mexico....nope just crossed the border into Arizona...two hours and 45 minutes to go....yippee
We will stay at one of our favorite parks...Catalina State Park. Click on this link to read about it.
We will watch the Patriots game with Steve and Lena tonight.

OH to walk the earth again....get me outta here....


Stir crazy (condition), a mental condition experienced by prisoners

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