Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Drive to Tucson and Catalina Video

just a short video below of some of the scene on our trip to Tucson and Catalina state park.
Check out this rv...we saw this at the campground....
I thought it was a cabin until i walked around to the other side.....very cool idea..but it would have been better if they continued the look on the whole outside rather that just the one side.
Anyway...we are here and helping Steve and Lena.
catcha later....


  1. Pretty campground. It looks soooo warm there...nice. Like the soundtrack..the songs are gettin real good and varied. I am glad the crazed driver will have a homeboy to watch the super bowl with. Oh I hoped I havn't jinxed them. We miss you.

  2. i feel like i have been a few places in my life... but not nearly as many as you all... so, i love watching your videos and seeing your pics.. makes me feel like i have ALMOST been where you have been... i love seeing all the sites and the countryside through your lens... keep up the great work...


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