Sunday, January 13, 2008


We arrived in Tucson yesterday afternoon...We are staying at Catalina State park....I will post a video soon.,, Its great to be here and already we have seen a rare bird...a Rufus backed Robin...couldn't find a picture to show you.

Anyway... Will start helping Lena with transportation to therapy appts. a few days this week....they weren't expecting us so soon...(CRAZED DRIVER) arrangement were made for most of her appts this week.
Next week we will take Lena to all of her appts. and where ever else she want to go.

Our birdfeeders are out and we are settled in. The weather is warm and sunny.
And the fur boys are having a great time sitting outside and stalking the cactus wrens.

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  1. what great friends you both are for sticking around to help your friend..


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