Saturday, January 19, 2008

Cold morning in Tucson

Howdy all...
It has gotten a bit cooler here at nights....or should I say colder...our water hose froze last night...Jeff will disconnect it the next few cold nights.

I continue to look at at the Catalina mountains every morning with awe....and sit here and type watching Annas hummingbirds at my feeder.

Jeff has not been wanting to fill the seed and suet feeders because we fill them in the am and the evening most feed is gone... Lots of house finches, which are quite colorful here...lots of orange on them, We get lesser goldfinches and Gila woodpeckers, cactus wrens, lots of morning doves, and a few curvebill thrashers, Cardinals, canyon wrens, and scrub jays.

Right now the seed feeders are empty and the ground is filled with doves....I am going out there in my flannel animal print PJ's now, brave the cold and fill up the feeders...

BURRRR feeders full, no one with a shotgun to shoot me in my spotted flannels.
I need more suet...the cactus wrens loved the peanut suet pine cones that Adele and I made...
Let make some more next year Adele.

We continue to help Lena, brought her to a few appts yesterday and a shopping trip to trader joes to find some easy to cook foods for her. We are cleaning and reorganizing closets to make things easier for her to find. For a woman who has had a stroke...she has amazing energy.

She has an great attitude and is progressing quickly, regaining movement in her hand that her therapist thought was impossible. GO LENA.
Here are a few articles about her resignation from her seat. Article 1
Article 2.

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  1. i hope lena is feeling MUCH better... poor woman..i hate to hear of people going through heartache...

    my pine cone was devoured in MINUTES i say, MINUTES... they loved it.. i'll have to figure out how to make them myself...


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