Friday, January 11, 2008

Help Me I am with a crazed Driver......

Ok...two days have gone by ...we had 2100 miles to drive to Tucson
the first day the crazed driver drove 510 miles ....the second day he woke up at three thirty and decided he was ready to go...ughhh....and drove another 600 miles...HELP....

Last night I said I had things to do before we left in the morning...So we didn't leave till after 8am thank goodness. I cant help but get grumpy....It is too long for me.... I cant stand it...I would prefer around 300 miles to 400 a day max. ..stop early and go for a nice walk, then make dinner and relax.
But with the crazed driver...we just go go till i get madder than a hatter......You would think he would learn by know not to get me mad.....ha ha....I guess he doesn't care....he would rather drive and drive....I think he needs a new job..... Truck driver.....
"I think today will be a shorter drive day"....says the cRazed driver..

We will of this moment we have 782 miles to go....
I try to keep busy on the computer or watching a show on tv...doing some reading...but its not the same as being parked doing these things...its draining i tell you....draining...DRAINING
help i am being drained.....somebody find the stopper...i am going going....nuts..

whoops here i am....again..
Thought I was a goner....

ok forget i said anything


  1. haha, my honey is the same way. He drives to Florida non-stop and it drives me crazy.
    I can't sleep or rest when he drives, so that's 27 hours of trying to keep awake. I hate it!!!

  2. The last time we drove non stop from Florida to home it was non stop and I said I would never do that again and I have not. Amen!!

  3. Tom from MontanaFriday, 11 January, 2008

    For long hauls use cryogenic technology. Deep freeze your body until you arrive at a destination. Since I don't like winters, I freeze myself from late September until early May. This way I wake up happy and refreshed, ready to enjoy summer--it might work for you. Don't try it at the same time, expecially if Jeff is driving. But if Jeff does, have him wear his seatbelt.


    Being a passenger in this rig with a crazed driver isn't too bad. After all, my passenger can watch all her TV shows, read a book, go on the internet, play with her cats, listen to stereo surround sound, take a nap, or crazy. Gotta make Tucson in time for the Pat's game so I can cheer with my home town buddy Steve.

    Sincerely the Crazed Driver

  5. Hey Dawn it's Angie, omg that was the funniest blog-jan.11-my bros 50th bday. i'm in fine spirits and your commentary is so apropo to 'i married a drivin' machine!' i didn't know that jeff was a crazed driver too---makes me luv u more knowing we have that special bond of trying to figure out how to entertain ourselves on the road---maybe a christmas blanket or two...four...would do the trick...yeah...i think that's the ticket,..., travels and happy trails...xo

  6. anytime jeff needs a break.. you can swing through ct and pick me up and i'll drive! haha ... sorry it has taken me so long to comment.. but i'm back!


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