Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Catalina state park, Romero pools hike and 2.3 miles beyond

Howdy all,
Changed the music play list ...so you have to turn it on yourself...mom didn't like it going on automatically....especially when going from post to post....you can undock the player and it will continue playing the music while you surf thru the posts...or for that matter as you surf anywhere on the Internet.

Yesterday Jeff and i hiked to Romero pools and about 2.3 miles beyond that...making for about 10 plus miles of hiking.
It was a beautiful warm day, but not warm enough to soak in the pools.

I was out of hiking shape....Should have just done the hike to the pools and called it a day...but we challenged ourselves and hiked on.....much to the dismay of my toes...(still cant find the right boots) boohoo....

Because of compensating for my toes...i must have thrown my spine out of whack..my neck is sore and i have a headache...might need to find a chiropractor.

Anyway, sore body parts aside....It was nice to be out hiking....


  1. I loved the sky song. Was that an artist from the cd. Her voice sounded familiar. Is she Israeli?

  2. looks gorgeous where you are... at least the ground is not full of SNOW like here at my house... glad you made that whole treck and made it back in one piece.. even if you were sore.. it's great exercise!


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