Friday, April 05, 2013

Country Music Hall of Fame and a show

Yesterday we went to

The Country Music Hall of Fame

We spent four hours at the hall and it was not enough time.

nashville thurs_006There is a nice combination of written history..

nashville thurs_007video….

nashville thurs_001

and memorabilia..

 nashville thurs_010

nashville thurs_012

nashville thurs_016

nashville thurs_024

nashville thurs_026

I did notice that all the women seemed to wear size 2 or smaller..

nashville thurs_027

nashville thurs_032

nashville thurs_028

nashville thurs_037

nashville thurs_039

Gold Records

nashville thurs_044

Taylor Swift must be size 0

nashville thurs_049

Anyone watch Nashville?

nashville thurs_050

Plaques of the Opry Inductees

nashville thurs_058

In the evening we went to the..

Ryman auditorium

Opry Country Classics

We had great first row balcony seats!

Our MC for the night was

Larry Gatlin

The other performers

Mandy Barnett, Joey and Rory, Jeannie Seely, TG Sheppard,

The headliner was

Marty Stuart

nashville thurs_059

It was a wonderful show!


More touring and shows today!

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