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Migration Magic ~~~~~~

The Biggest Week in American Birding

Northwest Ohio

MAY 3 – 12, 2013

Will you be there? Have you ever been?

Jeff and I attended the last two years. We were so excited after our first year there that we had to attend again.

If you go…(I highly recommend that you do)

try to catch the sunrise over Lake Erie.

Biggest Week_017Drive over to Magee Marsh before sun rise..

park your car,

walk over to the lake to see what birds might be migrating in.

Biggest Week_015Its not just Magee Marsh that has beauty…

magee_017Just a short drive from Magee Marsh

Sportsman’s Migratory Bird Center

Where I took this photo below~walk the trails and bird.


Check out this map of Magee and the surrounding area so that you can see how it all connects.

Don’t forget to stop into the

 Black Swamp Bird Observatory and Gift shop!

The Biggest Week is organized by Black Swamp Bird Observatory and they do a terrific job!


There is now a partnership trail that links Magee and Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge

another great birding spot!

Biggest week_001

magee_031 (1)

There are many areas a short drive from Magee Marsh that are well worth visiting.

Sheldon Marsh State Nature Preserve

Sheldons Marsh Old Womans Creek_004

Sheldons Marsh Old Womans Creek_015

Sheldons Marsh Old Womans Creek_003

You may want to head over to

Oak Openings Preserve..Walk a trail

biggest_130look for some Lark Sparrows

biggest_090Red-headed Woodpecker and other birds..

biggest_110Plenty of Lupines blooming at Oak Openings in May

biggest_116Some of these areas are included in the Bus Tours for

The Biggest Week ~Check out the Schedule here

register soon!

Check out the Biggest Week website for all the classes and workshops offered during the festival.

magee_014So here we are..

Back when Migration Magic happens.

One of my most favorite places!

Park your car..

magee_011 (1)Join Waldo and me..

magee and travel home_030And a few other birders who come to see this Magic happen..

IMG_3490Rain doesn’t stop any serious birder!

Biggest week_028If you are crowd phobic and still want to see the Magic....

There are plenty of places on the boardwalk for everyone..

biggest week_011 (1)Sometimes you might have a stretch all to yourself..

You have to share with the Warblers and other birds of course..

magee_023 (1)If you are tired and still want some Magic…

PULL out your lawn chair, RELAX…

the birds will come to you!

Biggest week_007 (1)Don’t forget to look for Bird Celebrities here..

Kenn Kaufman

magee_003 (1)

Greg Miller

Sheldons Marsh Old Womans Creek_017

Lillian Stokes

Biggest Week_007 (2)And

The reason why you visited in the first place..

The Magic..

The birds..

So close that even my baby point and shoot can get a photo or two..

Blackburnian Warbler


Yellow Warbler


Northern Parula


Bay-breasted Warbler

Magee_056 (1)

Magnolia Warbler

Magee_180Black and White Warbler

Black and white warbler (3)Wilson’s Warbler

lastdaybiggest_021Black-throated Green Warbler

Black-throated Green warblerBlack-throated Blue Warbler

Black-throated Blue warblerChestnut-sided Warbler

Chestnut-sided warblerPalm Warbler

Palm Warbler (4)

Those are just a few of the warblers you might see....


Its not just about the Warblers..

There are fly catchers, Thrush, Owls, Woodcock..and more.

Grey-cheeked Thrush

Grey-cheeked thrush

Don’t forget the


magee marsh goodies_074

If you don’t want to miss out on the special birds being seen.

Read this great tutorial by Melissa Penta  on setting up alerts to your phone.

Do it so that you wont miss any of the action..

Also bookmark this link..Kenn Kaufman predicts week by week and sometimes daily the migration forecast for the area.

Crane Creek~Magee Birding

biggest_038You wouldn’t want to miss a preening Kirtland’s Warbler would you?

biggest_230I didn’t think so..


Beep Beep~phone alert

Chestnut sided Warbler between makers 12 and 13 ..on the boardwalk

YOU need to see that!

Magee_190Please remember to..

~ Share the boardwalk~

Let the Magic Begin!


It’s a Magical time of year to be in Ohio!

Biggest Week_031 (1)

The Biggest Week in American Birding Visitor Guide goes digital!

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