Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Dead Zone

Here we are.
Elkmont campground
The Great Smoky Mountains National Park

It's lovely and quiet. Still early in the season, not that many campers.
The campground is in a valley.. We have no Internet or telephone service. I am hoping to catch a connection when we are out and about today so I can send this post out.

We are *dry*camping here. No electric, water or sewer hookups. Luckily we have large storage and holding tanks.
We can usually dry camp for 2 weeks easily. If we were conservative we could go longer... Possibly a month.

Conservative would mean fewer showers, more sponge baths.. Using paper plates to cut back on water usage. We would bring in water to drink. We run our generator once or twice a day to charge our batteries.

The biggest factor in how long we could dry camp would be our black water tank. When that is full- we have to leave.

Today we will go explore. A nice hike in the mountains.

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