Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Here we are- look what I found!

Here we are...nestled in Sicksta and Ghetto boys side yard.

I put up a few feeders next to the ones Sicksta had out. I added a few dishes of water. Also put a feeder on the tree near our bedroom window in hopes of late night visits from the flying squirrels.

Sickstas flowers are blooming all around us.



Sweet little violets. 

One of Sickstas many plant obsessions- potted maples.

Dogwood on display.

Choke berry 

Honeysuckle vine

I thought I would check the woods behind Sickstas yard for Morels.. I usually find a half dozen or so in the same area every spring.
I found one.. Then two!

The woods were kind to me! Over a dozen and I left some small ones behind and will pick them later.
I am a happy gal!

All photos taken with my iPod.

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