Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Autumn spendor~Devils Hopyard State Park

Howdee all,

Well finally, I am posting the rest of the photos from our trip to Devils Hopyard.

 Devils Hop yard_003

It was a beautiful autumn day.

Devils Hop yard_008Leaves still on the trees.

Most have fallen now.

Devils Hop yard_012We had a nice walk with Sicksta, Joey and their pups.

Devils Hop yard_033

I looked for mushrooms.

Devils Hop yard_031I found a few..

Devils Hop yard_036Gem-studded puffball.

Devils Hop yard_042These look like Cheetos

I believe this is

Tremella mesenterica: Witch's Butter

Devils Hop yard_045A type of Russula

Devils Hop yard_121

Enjoy these varied beauties..

I have no ID for them

Devils Hop yard_128A type of Turkeytail

Devils Hop yard_052

Some sort of Amanita

Devils Hop yard_062More Turkeytail

Devils Hop yard_061It was a colorful day

Devils Hop yard_050

Devils Hop yard_058

Orange and yellows abound..

Devils Hop yard_120

Devils Hop yard_067I came across this small tree with two shelf mushrooms

Devils Hop yard_114Both very different looking

Devils Hop yard_112Anyone know what these are?

Devils Hop yard_113We walked a few miles thru the woods..

Devils Hop yard_118Enjoying the colors around us..

Devils Hop yard_119

Devils Hop yard_140Back to the stream..

Devils Hop yard_144We stopped and took the reflection photos in my previous post

Devils Hop yard_156We continued our walk to the falls

Devils Hop yard_201

Devils Hop yard_203Sicksta taking photos 

Devils Hop yard_179It was the best day for foliage of the season....

Devils Hop yard_208

Jeff and I are freezing here in CT. I am so ready to head south for some warmth. I am a wimp.

We will leave here as soon as we know gas will be available when we travel through New Jersey. I hope it will be soon!

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