Thursday, November 29, 2012

Winter Festival at The Garden Supply Co.

Howdee all,

Yesterday we did our monthly Raleigh/Cary food and shopping trip.

We always like to stop at

The Garden Supply Company for its wonderful plants and décor.


During the Christmas Holiday Season the Store is ablaze in color and amazing décor.


I love looking at the imaginative ways they decorate the trees.

IMG_3498Fireplace mantles..




IMG_3502Gorgeous décor and great ideas for those that love to decorate for the season.

IMG_3503Aren't these ornaments adorable?

IMG_3504There are Santa and Snowman collections.

IMG_3507Trees decorated with Santa, Snowmen and presents.

IMG_3508Pink Flamingos for decoration.

IMG_3510How about a Martini tree?

IMG_3512Very cool

IMG_3511Tree in shades of white~with touches of blue and silver 


IMG_3516The Garden Supply Company is always a delight to wander around in.

Always something new and different, whatever the season.

IMG_3521Oh…an Asian inspired tree.

IMG_3522I spy an owl..

IMG_3523Owls are very trendy now.

If I had a home I would buy the owl lamp below!

IMG_3525This place is enchanting to the eyes and senses

IMG_3526If you go to the back of the store you can pour yourself a complimentary cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate.

I wandered around enjoying a yummy cup of tea and enjoying all the delightful decorations.

IMG_3528This particular tree was Buddha inspired.

IMG_3536A very cool upside down Owl tree…this tree was suspended from the ceiling,

another trend in Holiday trees.

IMG_3538I spy a mushroom!

IMG_3539I didn’t count the trees that were decorated, I am guessing 15 to 20.

IMG_3543One of the store kitties.

IMG_3541Whimsical and practical…a great place to store peppermint treats!

IMG_3545The store sells other wonderful creations..

IMG_3550I loved the snowman tree topper!


I look forward to this treat every year!


I just sent my new Panasonic Lumix camera in for repair so all of these are taken with my ipod touch.

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