Sunday, June 17, 2012

Broad Meadow Brook~walk

Howdee all,

This is a continuation of a few photos I posted using my new camera at Broad Meadow Brook last Saturday.

Wow..its been a week already…time sure does fly.

414 Massasoit Road
Worcester, MA 01604


Explore hundreds of acres of woods, fields, streams, and marsh. Interpretive signs and kiosks will guide you along the many trails. Look for 78 different species of butterflies


P1000571In two of my latest posts I featured a few butterflies and bugs

Broad Meadow Brook Bugs

Having Fun with my Panasonic Lumix


Jeff and I walked about four miles taking various trails.

There are maps of the trails offered as you enter the Center.


This is a small nature play area.


The paths are mostly wooded and it’s a fairly easy walk.


A small brook runs thru


This looks like some type of Agaricus Mushroom


Indian Pipe

onotropa uniflora, also known as the Ghost Plant, Indian Pipe, or Corpse Plant


I have no idea what this tiny little mushroom is.

LBM P1000433

What do you do when you see a tree with a hole in it?

P1000435Put your face in of course!


We had a a small list of birds seen and heard this day..

They do offer a bird checklist online.

Cedar Waxwings hanging out.


This path follows a small stream


P1000497A snake along the side of the stream

What kind?

P1000495Long shadows 

P1000500A pleasant walk back into the woods


P1000528Much of the area is wetlands..

be sure to wear your bug spray..

Lots of mosquitos..




The center had these pages from a book along the path..

A Place for Birds
by Melissa Stewart

My photos didn’t come out well..too much reflection.


This clearly written, richly illustrated introduction to birds and ecology describes the beauty and behavior of birds as well as some of the ways people are protecting birds and their habitats. Pointers on how youngsters can help birds in their own neighborhood are included.

From what I saw it is a book that belongs on every child's book shelf.

It shows the connection between Man,environment and nature and how we can negatively impact or help nature.


Its been very busy with family and Wedding planning…

Hope to get out and take more photos soon.

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