Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Busy techno bee

Howdee all,

As many of you know I recently purchased an iPad. I have been busy learning how to use it and am still adjusting and tweaking it so that it works the way I want it too.

Just yesterday the replacement for my baby camera arrived.

My new point and shoot has many new features I will be exploring.

HDR photos, sweeping panorama, GPS, 3D photo mode, etc.

I am actually reading the manual. Yep...RTFM as my friend Linda Rockwell would say..look Linda..I am!

Below is my learning center.

It's kinda nice that it's been rainy for the past few days..I feel better about being indoors studying.

Below our Homey in Massachusetts..family driveway.

Besides being a geek..I have been helping our daughter plan her wedding! It's fun!

So if I am not commenting on blogs as much please forgive me.. I still like to read but don't always take the time to comment.

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