Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Broad Meadow Brook~bugs

Howdee all,

While near Worchester Massachusetts last weekend Jeff and I walked

Broad Meadow Brook~ a very nice Audubon sanctuary.

We walked many of the paths. This particular path went thru a  large field.

Lots of wildflowers here..

P1000458It was home to many Butterflies and bugs.

This could be a Cabbage White


I think this might be a Delaware Skipper

~~Identified as a  Hobomok Skipper by Corey Husic and Luke Tiller~~

Thanks fellas



P1000447Don’t know this spider..

Do you?


P1000453Red butt of a type of Lady Bug





Common Whitetail

maleP1000472Common Whitetail

ID by Corey Husic female Twelve spotted skimmer

P1000469Common Whitetail

Immature male


I still am not very comfortable with my IDs

I think it will take me many years.

Eastern Comma ?

ID by Corey Husic ~Question Mark

QMs have a dash near their forewing tip, topside, that commas lack

More info on the differences between Comma and Question Mark

The easiest way for beginners to tell the difference between the Eastern Comma and the Question Mark regardless of whether they are in summer or winter form is to count the spots on the top wing. Both have a rectangular vertical mark at the top of the wing, with three round spots on the inside of this mark and two more round spots below forming an “L”. The Question Mark, however, has an extra spot at the end of this line on the outside of the wing. 



Please feel free to help me with my IDs and to confirm if I am correct..


I am so darn confused..question mark and comma..going to read some more

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