Tuesday, June 19, 2012

House Wren and stuff..

Howdee all,

On Fathers Day this little House Wren was starting to make this house its home..

fathers day_095My sister said this was a previous House Sparrows home.

The House Wren decided it was its home now and started removing some of the nesting material.

fathers day_097It was in and out all day..

fathers day_105

Singing as it went about is business.

fathers day_100

Hope to get some updates from Sicksta Lori.

Lambs ears growing is Sickstas Garden..look how fuzzy and soft the leaves are.

fathers day_126

I have been so busy with family and friends here… not much time for internet.

Well, compared to how much I like to be on….I can spend at least four hours a day reading blogs, facebook and twitter.

Lately I am lucky if I get an hour on the internet.

This has been a real bummer for me, but I am dealing with it..

Sort of… Sad smile

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