Sunday, April 01, 2012

Cedar Waxwings Galore!

Howdee all,

Our last day in Titusville, Florida was amazing..

We had a great morning birding Orlando Wetlands..

I thought nothing could top seeing four Least Bittern flying in and out of the reeds..


Words cannot describe how incredible this was~watch the video and see for yourself

Try to hang in there till the will see Waxwings dripping from the trees..


.. Thousands of Cedar Waxwings..

Jeff and I were on our way to Target after a fine morning of birding


I saw an enormous flock of birds in the Home Depot parking lot and had Jeff turn quickly into it..

CedarsFlocking_003I thought maybe Starlings..


Something didn’t seem right…and then I heard them..and saw them..


I have never seen anything like this..and most likely never will again

CedarsFlocking_021The video above says it all..


Nature is Awesome and as Kim Kaufman would say…

Birds Rule!


If you haven't had enough..Check out the first video I made..This is when I jumped out of the car and started shows the small trees with the berries that the waxwings were chowing down on..

The flock flies right at me and over my head..hee hee..

Needless to say..This girl was thrilled!


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