Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Chickadees in the Moon again

Howdee all,

Chickadees are in the Moon again!

carthage_075Chickadees have nested in this moon for the past four years

This is not technically a bird house it was a bird feeder until the Chickadees decided it wasn't…


Both Mom and Dad are in and out all day long now..

Feeding their hungry youngins~



I have have been trying to get photos as they go in and out of the moon

I am so darn slow..

I get mostly tail shots..

carthage_028A few head shots


I am lucky if I get a shot like this..the in and out is usually very quick.

And this photographer is pretty slow..


sometimes I catch them flying off..

carthage_089It’s busy at the moon..

I hear the youngins calling out for food.

carthage_105I will keep an eye on them and hopefully watch them fledge.

Last year we were lucky enough to see that happen.


Until then…

Mom and Dad are very busy..


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