Thursday, April 19, 2012

Devils Dipstick?

Howdee all,


Looks what's ….ahh..…Popping up in Sickstas yard.

When Sicksta called me over to look at this I thought…


~I am sure a few other things came to mind as well  ~~but, lets not go there..I will let you use your own imagination. :)

 birds and devils dipstick_048 I have never seen a pink Stinkhorn.

So I took a few photos and pulled out Mushrooms Demystified

birds and devils dipstick_029

At first glance I thought it was Mutinus caninus

Dog Stinkhorn

birds and devils dipstick_037

After more reading and photos I believe it is Mutinus elegans

Devils Dipstick

The brownish slime are spores..

with an olive brown to brown slime towards the apex (covering 2-3 cm in Mutinus caninus, more in Mutinus elegans) but usually not covering the extreme tip; the slime quickly becoming foul and odorous, and often quickly removed by insects; hollow; spongy; with a whitish, sacklike volva at the base.


If you know what this mushroom is please let me know so I can confirm this ID.


birds and devils dipstick_040

I thought it was a very cool find..

Jack could care less..

birds and devils dipstick_053

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