Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas morning~2001

Howdee all,

More of my dusty cyber photos to go thru..

Here we are

Ten years ago..

Christmas morning

Our forth month in our Homey on wheels.

Sedona, Arizona

I am in the front of Homey speaking to my family in Connecticut via our old Nokia brick cell phone hooked to hands free speaker. Very high tech for the times.

Samarrah, our daughter was visiting with us for the holidays.


Some of my favorite (small) decorations I brought with me from our home.


Collection of Santa's and snowman and our Stockings…

Copy of xmas1

Our tree…

Copy of xmas6

Santa and SnowmanCopy of xmas7More Santas..xmas8

My Sweet Balliecat… :(

balliexmasWe spent the day hiking..some of Sedonas Vortex areas

sedonabellrockTrying to capture some earth energy..

sedonaOr feel the vibrations..

sedonadrivecastleIt may have been my imagination..I felt the energy

It certainly is a special place.

sedonadriveheartIt was also a little like New England..

The chilly and snowy part…:)


It was a wonderful first Christmas in Homey..

Where were you 10 years ago December 25th?


  1. Lessee, 2001... that was pre-NPS for me, the boys would have been 10 and 9, and we were here in Ohio. It was the second Christmas after my parent's deaths, so we were all trying to make new Christmas rituals for the family. Now my nieces and nephews have their own kids, so we'r working on new rituals!

  2. What a nice look back. I've had trouble commenting on your blog for some reason. I do enjoy reading all of your posts.

  3. You have a nice selection of "small" Christmas decorations.

    2001 Christmas for me was in Carson, Washington with friends after running a little thrift store for two months.

  4. Amazing scenery Dawn (Sedonas). Ten years ago I was thinking about retiring, which I did two years later.

  5. We started out full timing in 2004 so I was still working... we always spend our Christmas in Florida near my family.
    Have fun & Travel safe

  6. You and your husband are: "A CLASS ACT" I love what you do, how you do it, and best of all how you share it. Thank you for allowing us to go with you and share your travels and adventures...


  7. Hi Dawn, great post and memories of your 2001 Christmas. I was right here where I am now 10 years ago. My son would have been 9 yrs old and I would have been a young 45. Gee, how time flies. I wish you and your family a very happy 2011 Christmas.

  8. That must have been an exciting time when you first ventured out in the mobile homey. Nice photo memories-thanks for sharing.
    -Happy Holidays-Merry Christmas etcetera!

  9. You were in Sedona 10 years back! That's so cool! Nice to know you went hiking Sedona. You've got great pics of the rocks :). Love your Homey and that cute snowman with his own christmas tree.

  10. Thanks everyone for stopping by and Commenting on our first Christmas in Homey! It was fun to read where you all were 10 years ago too.
    I wonder where we will all be in another ten years?
    Thanks again!


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